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Arthur J. Fischer
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“S-shaped” temperature-dependent emission shift and carrier dynamics in InGaN/GaN multiple quantum wells
YH Cho, GH Gainer, AJ Fischer, JJ Song, S Keller, UK Mishra, ...
Applied Physics Letters 73 (10), 1370-1372, 1998
Effect of dislocation density on efficiency droop in GaInN∕ GaN light-emitting diodes
MF Schubert, S Chhajed, JK Kim, EF Schubert, DD Koleske, MH Crawford, ...
Applied Physics Letters 91 (23), 2007
Research challenges to ultra‐efficient inorganic solid‐state lighting
JM Phillips, ME Coltrin, MH Crawford, AJ Fischer, MR Krames, ...
Laser & Photonics Reviews 1 (4), 307-333, 2007
Toward smart and ultra‐efficient solid‐state lighting
JY Tsao, MH Crawford, ME Coltrin, AJ Fischer, DD Koleske, ...
Advanced Optical Materials 2 (9), 809-836, 2014
Room temperature continuous wave InGaAsN quantum well vertical-cavity lasers emitting at 1.3 µm
KD Choquette, JF Klem, AJ Fischer, O Blum, AA Allerman, IJ Fritz, ...
Electronics Letters 36 (16), 1388-1390, 2000
Internal quantum efficiency and nonradiative recombination coefficient of GaInN/GaN multiple quantum wells with different dislocation densities
Q Dai, MF Schubert, MH Kim, JK Kim, EF Schubert, DD Koleske, ...
Applied Physics Letters 94 (11), 2009
Light-extraction enhancement of GaInN light-emitting diodes by graded-refractive-index indium tin oxide anti-reflection contact
JK Kim, S Chhajed, MF Schubert, EF Schubert, AJ Fischer, MH Crawford, ...
Advanced materials 20 (4), 801-804, 2008
Room-temperature direct current operation of 290 nm light-emitting diodes with milliwatt power levels
AJ Fischer, AA Allerman, MH Crawford, KHA Bogart, SR Lee, RJ Kaplar, ...
Applied Physics Letters 84 (17), 3394-3396, 2004
Junction and carrier temperature measurements in deep-ultraviolet light-emitting diodes using three different methods
Y Xi, JQ Xi, T Gessmann, JM Shah, JK Kim, EF Schubert, AJ Fischer, ...
Applied physics letters 86 (3), 2005
Strain effects on excitonic transitions in GaN: Deformation potentials
W Shan, RJ Hauenstein, AJ Fischer, JJ Song, WG Perry, MD Bremser, ...
Physical review B 54 (19), 13460, 1996
Growth and design of deep-UV (240–290 nm) light emitting diodes using AlGaN alloys
AA Allerman, MH Crawford, AJ Fischer, KHA Bogart, SR Lee, ...
Journal of crystal growth 272 (1-4), 227-241, 2004
Ultra-wide-bandgap AlGaN power electronic devices
RJ Kaplar, AA Allerman, AM Armstrong, MH Crawford, JR Dickerson, ...
ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology 6 (2), Q3061, 2016
Improved brightness of 380 nm GaN light emitting diodes through intentional delay of the nucleation island coalescence
DD Koleske, AJ Fischer, AA Allerman, CC Mitchell, KC Cross, SR Kurtz, ...
Applied Physics Letters 81 (11), 1940-1942, 2002
Binding energy for the intrinsic excitons in wurtzite GaN
W Shan, BD Little, AJ Fischer, JJ Song, B Goldenberg, WG Perry, ...
Physical Review B 54 (23), 16369, 1996
Temperature-dependent absorption measurements of excitons in GaN epilayers
AJ Fischer, W Shan, JJ Song, YC Chang, R Horning, B Goldenberg
Applied physics letters 71 (14), 1981-1983, 1997
Plasmonic nanoparticle enhanced photocurrent in GaN/InGaN/GaN quantum well solar cells
IM Pryce, DD Koleske, AJ Fischer, HA Atwater
Applied Physics Letters 96 (15), 2010
Single-transverse-mode vertical-cavity lasers under continuous and pulsed operation
EW Young, KD Choquette, SL Chuang, KM Geib, AJ Fischer, AA Allerman
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 13 (9), 927-929, 2001
Vertical GaN power diodes with a bilayer edge termination
JR Dickerson, AA Allerman, BN Bryant, AJ Fischer, MP King, MW Moseley, ...
IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 63 (1), 419-425, 2015
The impact of piezoelectric polarization and nonradiative recombination on the performance of (0001) face GaN/InGaN photovoltaic devices
JJ Wierer, AJ Fischer, DD Koleske
Applied physics letters 96 (5), 2010
Structure of self-assembled decanethiol on Ag (111): a molecular resolution scanning tunneling microscopy study
A Dhirani, MA Hines, AJ Fisher, O Ismail, P Guyot-Sionnest
Langmuir 11 (7), 2609-2614, 1995
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