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Managing macrophytes to improve fish growth: a multi‐lake experiment
MH Olson, SR Carpenter, P Cunningham, S Gafny, BR Herwig, ...
Fisheries 23 (2), 6-12, 1998
A global analysis of terrestrial plant litter dynamics in non-perennial waterways
T Datry, A Foulquier, R Corti, D Von Schiller, K Tockner, C Mendoza-Lera, ...
Nature Geoscience 11 (7), 497-503, 2018
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A Gasith, S Gafny
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Effect of water level fluctuation on shore spawning of Mirogrex terraesanctae (Steinitz), (Cyprinidae) in Lake Kinneret, Israel
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S Gafny, A Gasith
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Habitat condition and fish assemblage structure in a coastal mediterranean stream (Yarqon, Israel) receiving domestic effluent
S Gafny, M Goren, A Gasith
Assessing the Ecological Integrity of Running Waters: Proceedings of the …, 2000
The rediscovered Hula painted frog is a living fossil
R Biton, E Geffen, M Vences, O Cohen, S Bailon, R Rabinovich, Y Malka, ...
Nature Communications 4 (1), 1959, 2013
The change in genetic diversity down the core‐edge gradient in the eastern spadefoot toad (Pelobates syriacus)
I Munwes, E Geffen, U Roll, A Friedmann, A Daya, Y Tikochinski, S Gafny
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Phylogeography of a cryptic speciation continuum in Eurasian spadefoot toads (Pelobates)
C Dufresnes, I Strachinis, N Suriadna, G Mykytynets, D Cogălniceanu, ...
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The living and the dead: How do taphonomic processes modify relative abundance and skeletal completeness of freshwater fish?
I Zohar, M Belmaker, D Nadel, S Gafny, M Goren, I Hershkovitz, T Dayan
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 258 (4), 292-316, 2008
Sediment respiration pulses in intermittent rivers and ephemeral streams
D Von Schiller, T Datry, R Corti, A Foulquier, K Tockner, R Marcé, ...
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Towards a living Jordan River: an environmental flows report on the rehabilitation of the Lower Jordan River
S Gafny, S Talozi, B Al Sheikh, E Ya’ari
Friends of the Earth Middle East, 25-28, 2010
Nutrient uptake and macroinvertebrate community structure in a highly regulated Mediterranean stream receiving treated wastewater
S Arnon, N Avni, S Gafny
Aquatic Sciences 77, 623-637, 2015
Impacts of climate change on biodiversity in Israel: an expert assessment approach
M Sternberg, O Gabay, D Angel, O Barneah, S Gafny, A Gasith, ...
Regional Environmental Change 15, 895-906, 2015
Responses of bluegill to habitat manipulations: power to detect effects
SR Carpenter, P Cunningham, S Gafny, A Munoz-Del-Rio, N Nibbelink, ...
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Osteological Observations on the Alytid Anura Latonia nigriventer with Comments on Functional Morphology, Biogeography, and Evolutionary History
R Biton, R Boistel, R Rabinovich, S Gafny, V Brumfeld, S Bailon
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The invasive freshwater medusa Craspedacusta sowerbii lankester, 1880 (Hydrozoa: Olindiidae) in Israel
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Living quarters of a living fossil—Uncovering the current distribution pattern of the rediscovered Hula painted frog (Latonia nigriventer) using environmental DNA
S Renan, S Gafny, RGB Perl, U Roll, Y Malka, M Vences, E Geffen
Molecular ecology 26 (24), 6801-6812, 2017
Importance of physical structures in lakes: the case of Lake Kinneret and general implications
A Gasith, S Gafny
The structuring role of submerged macrophytes in lakes, 331-338, 1998
Natural history and conservation of the rediscovered Hula painted frog, Latonia nigriventer
RGB Perl, S Gafny, Y Malka, S Renan, DC Woodhams, L Rollins-Smith, ...
Contributions to Zoology 86 (1), 11-37, 2017
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