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Kh. Katsiev or H. Katsiev
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Low trap-state density and long carrier diffusion in organolead trihalide perovskite single crystals
D Shi, V Adinolfi, R Comin, M Yuan, E Alarousu, A Buin, Y Chen, ...
Science 347 (6221), 519-522, 2015
Heterovalent dopant incorporation for bandgap and type engineering of perovskite crystals
AL Abdelhady, MI Saidaminov, B Murali, V Adinolfi, O Voznyy, K Katsiev, ...
The journal of physical chemistry letters 7 (2), 295-301, 2016
Gas-phase-dependent properties of Sn O 2 (110),(100), and (101) single-crystal surfaces: Structure, composition, and electronic properties
M Batzill, K Katsiev, JM Burst, U Diebold, AM Chaka, B Delley
Physical Review B 72 (16), 165414, 2005
Variations of the local electronic surface properties of TiO 2 (110) induced by intrinsic and extrinsic defects
M Batzill, K Katsiev, DJ Gaspar, U Diebold
Physical Review B 66 (23), 235401, 2002
A scalable synthesis of highly stable and water dispersible Ag 44 (SR) 30 nanoclusters
LG AbdulHalim, S Ashraf, K Katsiev, AR Kirmani, N Kothalawala, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 1 (35), 10148-10154, 2013
Electron tunneling characteristics on thin-film surfaces at high temperature
K Katsiev, B Yildiz, K Balasubramaniam, PA Salvador
Applied Physics Letters 95 (9), 092106, 2009
Surface morphologies of SnO2 (110)
M Batzill, K Katsiev, U Diebold
Surface science 529 (3), 295-311, 2003
The complete in‐gap electronic structure of colloidal quantum dot solids and its correlation with electronic transport and photovoltaic performance
K Katsiev, AH Ip, A Fischer, I Tanabe, X Zhang, AR Kirmani, O Voznyy, ...
Advanced Materials 26 (6), 937-942, 2014
Study of the Bulk Charge Carrier Dynamics in Anatase and Rutile TiO2 Single Crystals by Femtosecond Time-Resolved Spectroscopy
P Maity, OF Mohammed, K Katsiev, H Idriss
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 122 (16), 8925-8932, 2018
Tailoring ruthenium exposure to enhance the performance of fcc platinum@ ruthenium core–shell electrocatalysts in the oxygen evolution reaction
NM AlYami, AP LaGrow, KS Joya, J Hwang, K Katsiev, DH Anjum, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 18 (24), 16169-16178, 2016
Porphyrinic supramolecular daisy chains incorporating pillar [5] arene–viologen host–guest interactions
J áFraser Stoddart
Chemical Communications 51 (52), 10455-10458, 2015
On the relation between chemical composition and optical properties of detonation nanodiamonds
AR Kirmani, W Peng, R Mahfouz, A Amassian, Y Losovyj, H Idriss, ...
Carbon 94, 79-84, 2015
Tuning the oxide/organic interface: Benzene on
M Batzill, K Katsiev, U Diebold
Applied physics letters 85 (23), 5766-5768, 2004
Synthesis of copper hydroxide branched nanocages and their transformation to copper oxide
AP LaGrow, L Sinatra, A Elshewy, KW Huang, K Katsiev, AR Kirmani, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118 (33), 19374-19379, 2014
Rapid continuous flow synthesis of high-quality silver nanocubes and nanospheres
H Mehenni, L Sinatra, R Mahfouz, K Katsiev, OM Bakr
RSC advances 3 (44), 22397-22403, 2013
Tuning surface properties of SnO2 (1 0 1) by reduction
M Batzill, K Katsiev, JM Burst, Y Losovyj, W Bergermayer, I Tanaka, ...
Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids 67 (9-10), 1923-1929, 2006
Gold Cluster Coverage Effect on H2 Production over Rutile TiO2(110)
K Katsiev, G Harrison, Y Al-Salik, G Thornton, H Idriss
ACS Catalysis 9 (9), 8294-8305, 2019
Mechanism of Ethanol Photooxidation on Single-Crystal Anatase TiO2(101)
K Katsiev, G Harrison, H Alghamdi, Y Alsalik, A Wilson, G Thornton, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 121 (5), 2940-2950, 2017
Gold Dispersion and Activation on the Basal Plane of Single-Layer MoS2
CS Merida, D Le, EM Echeverria, AE Nguyen, TB Rawal, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 122 (1), 267-273, 2018
Methanol Production Using Ultrahigh Concentrated Solar Cells: Hybrid Electrolysis and CO2 Capture
SO Alsayegh, R Varjian, Y Alsalik, K Katsiev, TT Isimjan, H Idriss
ACS Energy Letters 5 (2), 540-544, 2020
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