Alexandro Ruiz de la Cruz
Alexandro Ruiz de la Cruz
Instituto de Óptica "Daza de Valdés", CSIC
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High speed inscription of uniform, large-area laser-induced periodic surface structures in Cr films using a high repetition rate fs laser
AR de La Cruz, R Lahoz, J Siegel, GF De La Fuente, J Solis
Optics letters 39 (8), 2491-2494, 2014
Ultrafast imaging of transient electronic plasmas produced in conditions of femtosecond waveguide writing in dielectrics
W Gawelda, D Puerto, J Siegel, A Ferrer, A Ruiz De La Cruz, ...
Applied Physics Letters 93 (12), 121109, 2008
Deep subsurface waveguides with circular cross section produced by femtosecond laser writing
V Diez-Blanco, J Siegel, A Ferrer, A Ruiz De La Cruz, J Solis
Applied Physics Letters 91 (5), 051104, 2007
Independent control of beam astigmatism and ellipticity using a SLM for fs-laser waveguide writing
AR De La Cruz, A Ferrer, W Gawelda, D Puerto, MG Sosa, J Siegel, ...
Optics Express 17 (23), 20853-20859, 2009
In situ assessment and minimization of nonlinear propagation effects for femtosecond-laser waveguide writing in dielectrics
A Ferrer, AR de la Cruz, D Puerto, W Gawelda, JA Vallés, MA Rebolledo, ...
JOSA B 27 (8), 1688-1692, 2010
Deep subsurface optical waveguides produced by direct writing with femtosecond laser pulses in fused silica and phosphate glass
A Ferrer, V Diez-Blanco, A Ruiz, J Siegel, J Solis
Applied Surface Science 254 (4), 1121-1125, 2007
Photoinscription domains for ultrafast laser writing of refractive index changes in BK7 borosilicate crown optical glass
RS K. Mishchik, A. Ferrer, A. Ruiz de la Cruz, A
Optical Materials Express 3 (1), 67-85, 2013
Femtosecond laser written 16.5 mm long glass-waveguide amplifier and laser with 5.2 dB cm− 1 internal gain at 1534 nm
J Hoyo, V Berdejo, TT Fernandez, A Ferrer, A Ruiz, JA Valles, ...
Laser Physics Letters 10 (10), 105802, 2013
Hypercatadioptric line images for 3D orientation and image rectification
J Bermudez-Cameo, L Puig, JJ Guerrero
Robotics and Autonomous Systems 60 (6), 755-768, 2012
Surface structuring of fused silica with asymmetric femtosecond laser pulse bursts
J Hernandez-Rueda, J Siegel, M Galvan-Sosa, AR de la Cruz, J Solis
JOSA B 30 (5), 1352-1356, 2013
Rapid assessment of nonlinear optical propagation effects in dielectrics
J Del Hoyo, AR De La Cruz, E Grace, A Ferrer, J Siegel, A Pasquazi, ...
Scientific reports 5 (1), 1-8, 2015
Controlling ablation mechanisms in sapphire by tuning the temporal shape of femtosecond laser pulses
J Hernandez-Rueda, J Siegel, M Galván-Sosa, AR de la Cruz, ...
JOSA B 32 (1), 150-156, 2015
Origin of the refractive index modification of femtosecond laser processed doped phosphate glass
A Ferrer, D Jaque, J Siegel, AR la Cruz, J Solís
Journal of Applied Physics 109 (9), 093107, 2011
Spectral characterization of laser-accelerated protons with CR-39 nuclear track detector
M Seimetz, P Bellido, P García, P Mur, A Iborra, A Soriano, T Hülber, ...
Review of Scientific Instruments 89 (2), 023302, 2018
Characterization of protons accelerated from a 3 TW table-top laser system
P Bellido, R Lera, M Seimetz, A Ruiz-de la Cruz, S Torres-Peirò, M Galán, ...
Journal of Instrumentation 12 (05), T05001, 2017
Performance of ultrafast laser written active waveguides by rigorous modeling of optical gain measurements
JA Vallés, A Ferrer, JM Fernández-Navarro, V Berdejo, AR de la Cruz, ...
Optical Materials Express 1 (4), 564-575, 2011
Optimization of ultra-fast interactions using laser pulse temporal shaping controlled by a deterministic algorithm
M Galván-Sosa, J Portilla, J Hernandez-Rueda, J Siegel, L Moreno, ...
Applied Physics A 114 (2), 477-484, 2014
Structural origin of the nonlinear optical properties of lead niobium germanate film glasses
D Muñoz-Martín, AR de La Cruz, JM Fernandez-Navarro, C Domingo, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 110 (2), 023522, 2011
Study of an optimised bidirectional pump scheme for fs-laser written Yb/Er-codoped integrated waveguides
JA Vallés, MA Rebolledo, V Berdejo, A Ferrer, AR de la Cruz, J Solís
Optical Materials 33 (2), 231-235, 2010
Femtosecond-laser microstructuring of ribs on active (Yb, Nb): RTP/RTP planar waveguides
J Cugat, AR de la Cruz, R Sole, A Ferrer, JJ Carvajal, X Mateos, ...
Journal of Lightwave Technology 31 (3), 385-390, 2012
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