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A Mutation in VPS35, Encoding a Subunit of the Retromer Complex, Causes Late-Onset Parkinson Disease
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Contrast‐to‐noise ratio (CNR) as a quality parameter in fMRI
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PARK11 gene (GIGYF2) variants Asn56Ser and Asn457Thr are not pathogenic for Parkinson's disease
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Limb‐kinetic apraxia affects activities of daily living in Parkinson's disease: a multi‐center study
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European journal of neurology 23 (8), 1301-1307, 2016
Finger dexterity deficits in Parkinson's disease and somatosensory cortical dysfunction
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Probing overtly spoken language at sentential level—A comprehensive high-field BOLD–fMRI protocol reflecting everyday language demands
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Cortical lateralization of bilateral symmetric chin movements and clinical relevance in tumor patients—A high field BOLD–FMRI study
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Does clinical memory fMRI provide a comprehensive map of medial temporal lobe structures?
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Comparing the microvascular specificity of the 3-and 7-T BOLD response using ICA and susceptibility-weighted imaging
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Frontiers in human neuroscience 7, 474, 2013
Assessment of individual cognitive changes after deep brain stimulation surgery in Parkinson’s disease using the Neuropsychological Test Battery Vienna short version
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Early dysfunctions of fronto-parietal praxis networks in Parkinson’s disease
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Between‐and within‐site variability of f MRI localizations
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Depression, quality of life, activities of daily living, and subjective memory after deep brain stimulation in Parkinson disease—A reliable change index analysis
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Individual cognitive change after DBS-surgery in parkinson’s disease patients using reliable change index methodology
T Foki, D Hitzl, W Pirker, K Novak, G Pusswald, J Lehrner
neuropsychiatrie 32 (3), 149-158, 2018
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