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A communal catalogue reveals Earth’s multiscale microbial diversity
LR Thompson, JG Sanders, D McDonald, A Amir, J Ladau, KJ Locey, ...
Nature, 2017
Anaerobic oxidation of methane coupled to nitrate reduction in a novel archaeal lineage
MF Haroon, S Hu, Y Shi, M Imelfort, J Keller, P Hugenholtz, Z Yuan, ...
Nature 500 (7464), 567-570, 2013
A laboratory investigation of interactions between denitrifying anaerobic methane oxidation (DAMO) and anammox processes in anoxic environments
S Hu, RJ Zeng, MF Haroon, J Keller, PA Lant, GW Tyson, Z Yuan
Scientific reports 5 (1), 1-9, 2015
Fixation-free fluorescence in situ hybridization for targeted enrichment of microbial populations
S Yilmaz, MF Haroon, BA Rabkin, GW Tyson, P Hugenholtz
The ISME Journal 4 (10), 1352-1356, 2010
Phylogenomic analysis of Candidatus' Izimaplasma'species: free-living representatives from a Tenericutes clade found in methane seeps.
CT Skennerton, MF Haroon, A Briegel, J Shi, GJ Jensen, GW Tyson, ...
The ISME journal 10 (11), 2679-2692, 2016
Aggregation ability of three phylogenetically distant anammox bacterial species
M Ali, DR Shaw, L Zhang, MF Haroon, Y Narita, AH Emwas, PE Saikaly, ...
Water research 143, 10-18, 2018
Metagenomic covariation along densely sampled environmental gradients in the Red Sea
LR Thompson, GJ Williams, MF Haroon, A Shibl, P Larsen, J Shorenstein, ...
The ISME journal 11 (1), 138-151, 2017
A catalogue of 136 microbial draft genomes from Red Sea metagenomes
MF Haroon, LR Thompson, DH Parks, P Hugenholtz, U Stingl
Scientific Data 3, 160050, 2016
Excess labile carbon promotes the expression of virulence factors in coral reef bacterioplankton
A Cárdenas, MJ Neave, MF Haroon, C Pogoreutz, N Rädecker, C Wild, ...
The ISME Journal, 2017
In-solution fluorescence in situ hybridization and fluorescence-activated cell sorting for single cell and population genome recovery.
MF Haroon, CT Skennerton, JA Steen, N Lachner, P Hugenholtz, ...
Methods in enzymology 531, 3-19, 2013
Draft genome sequence of the anaerobic ammonium-oxidizing bacterium “Candidatus Brocadia sp. 40”
M Ali, MF Haroon, Y Narita, L Zhang, DR Shaw, S Okabe, PE Saikaly
Genome announcements 4 (6), 2016
Co-registered geochemistry and metatranscriptomics reveal unexpected distributions of microbial activity within a hydrothermal vent field
HC Olins, DR Rogers, C Preston, W Ussler III, D Pargett, S Jensen, ...
Frontiers in Microbiology 8, 1042, 2017
Transcriptomics in the tropics: Total RNA-based profiling of Costa Rican bromeliad-associated communities
SK Goffredi, GE Jang, MF Haroon
Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal 13, 18-23, 2015
Haloprofundus marisrubri gen. nov., sp. nov., an extremely halophilic archaeon isolated from a brine–seawater interface
G Zhang, J Gu, R Zhang, M Rashid, MF Haroon, W Xun, Z Ruan, X Dong, ...
International journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology 67 (1), 9-16, 2017
Distribution of Prochlorococcus Ecotypes in the Red Sea Basin Based on Analyses of rpoC1 Sequences
AA Shibl, MF Haroon, DK Ngugi, LR Thompson, U Stingl
Frontiers in Marine Science 3, 104, 2016
Ruegeria profundi sp. nov. and Ruegeria marisrubri sp. nov., isolated from the brine–seawater interface at Erba Deep in the Red Sea
G Zhang, MF Haroon, R Zhang, X Dong, D Wang, Y Liu, W Xun, X Dong, ...
International journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology 67 (11 …, 2017
An Increase of Abundance and Transcriptional Activity for Acinetobacter junii Post Wastewater Treatment
MR Jumat, MF Haroon, N Al-Jassim, H Cheng, PY Hong
Water 10 (4), 436, 2018
Draft genome sequence of uncultured SAR324 bacterium lautmerah10, binned from a Red Sea metagenome
MF Haroon, LR Thompson, U Stingl
Genome announcements 4 (1), 2016
Varying occurrence of extended‐spectrum beta‐lactamase bacteria among three produce types
BEW Toh, O Bokhari, A Kutbi, MF Haroon, D Mantilla‐Calderon, ...
Journal of Food Safety 38 (1), e12373, 2018
Hopanoid-producing bacteria in the Red Sea include the major marine nitrite oxidizers
JJ Kharbush, LR Thompson, MF Haroon, R Knight, LI Aluwihare
FEMS microbiology ecology 94 (6), fiy063, 2018
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