Jacob D. Biamonte
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Quantum Machine Learning
J Biamonte, P Wittek, N Pancotti, P Rebentrost, N Wiebe, S Lloyd
Nature 549 (7671), 195-202, 2017
Towards quantum chemistry on a quantum computer
BP Lanyon, JD Whitfield, GG Gillett, ME Goggin, MP Almeida, I Kassal, ...
Nature Chemistry 2 (2), 106-111, 2010
Nonperturbative k-body to two-body commuting conversion Hamiltonians and embedding problem instances into Ising spins
JD Biamonte
Physical Review A 77 (5), 052331, 2008
Simulation of electronic structure Hamiltonians using quantum computers
JD Whitfield, J Biamonte, A Aspuru-Guzik
Molecular Physics 109 (5), 735-750, 2011
High fidelity spin entanglement using optimal control
F Dolde, V Bergholm, Y Wang, I Jakobi, S Pezzagna, J Meijer, ...
Nature Communications 5, 3371, 2014
Realizable Hamiltonians for universal adiabatic quantum computers
JD Biamonte, PJ Love
Physical Review A 78 (1), 012352, 2008
Charged string tensor networks
J Biamonte
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114 (10), 2447-2449, 2017
Spectral entropies as information-theoretic tools for complex network comparison
M De Domenico, J Biamonte
Physical Review X 6 (4), 041062, 2016
Sign-and magnitude-tunable coupler for superconducting flux qubits
R Harris, AJ Berkley, MW Johnson, P Bunyk, S Govorkov, MC Thom, ...
Physical Review Letters 98 (17), 177001, 2007
The urgent need for integrated science to fight COVID-19 pandemic and beyond
N Moradian, HD Ochs, C Sedikies, MR Hamblin, CA Camargo Jr., ...
Journal of Translational Medicine volume 18, 205, 2020
Quantum simulation of helium hydride cation in a solid-state spin register
Y Wang, F Dolde, J Biamonte, R Babbush, V Bergholm, S Yang, I Jakobi, ...
ACS Nano 9 (8), 7769-7774, 2015
Ground-state spin logic
JD Whitfield, M Faccin, JD Biamonte
EPL (Europhysics Letters) 99 (5), 57004, 2012
Tensor networks in a nutshell
J Biamonte, V Bergholm
arXiv preprint arXiv:1708.00006, 2022
Tensor networks and graphical calculus for open quantum systems
CJ Wood, JD Biamonte, DG Cory
Quantum Information & Computation 15 (9&10), 759-811, 2015
Experimental neural network enhanced quantum tomography
AM Palmieri, E Kovlakov, F Bianchi, D Yudin, S Straupe, JD Biamonte, ...
npj Quantum Information 6 (1), 1-5, 2020
Complex networks from classical to quantum
J Biamonte, M Faccin, M De Domenico
Communications Physics, 53, 2019
Quantum Techniques in Stochastic Mechanics
JC Baez, J Biamonte
World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd, 2018
A quantum algorithm to train neural networks using low-depth circuits
G Verdon, M Broughton, J Biamonte
arXiv preprint arXiv:1712.05304, 2022
Reachability deficits in quantum approximate optimization
V Akshay, H Philathong, MES Morales, JD Biamonte
Physical Review Letters 124 (9), 090504, 2020
Degree distribution in quantum walks on complex networks
M Faccin, T Johnson, J Biamonte, S Kais, P Migdał
Physical Review X 3 (4), 041007, 2013
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