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Systemic administration of multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells reverts hyperglycemia and prevents nephropathy in type 1 diabetic mice
FE Ezquer, ME Ezquer, DB Parrau, D Carpio, AJ Yañez, PA Conget
Biology of Blood and Marrow Transplantation 14 (6), 631-640, 2008
Differential subcellular distribution of glucose transporters GLUT1–6 and GLUT9 in human cancer: ultrastructural localization of GLUT1 and GLUT5 in breast tumor tissues
A Godoy, V Ulloa, F Rodríguez, K Reinicke, AJ Yañez, MA García, ...
Journal of cellular physiology 207 (3), 614-627, 2006
Presence of RNA in the sperm nucleus
CA Pessot, M Brito, J Figueroa, II Concha, A Yañez, LO Burzio
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Endovenous administration of bone marrow-derived multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells prevents renal failure in diabetic mice
F Ezquer, M Ezquer, V Simon, F Pardo, A Yañez, D Carpio, P Conget
Biology of Blood and Marrow Transplantation 15 (11), 1354-1365, 2009
Broad expression of fructose‐1, 6‐bisphosphatase and phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase provide evidence for gluconeogenesis in human tissues other than liver and kidney
AJ Yánez, F Nualart, C Droppelmann, R Bertinat, M Brito, II Concha, ...
Journal of cellular physiology 197 (2), 189-197, 2003
Broth medium for the successful culture of the fish pathogen Piscirickettsia salmonis
AJ Yañez, K Valenzuela, H Silva, J Retamales, A Romero, R Enriquez, ...
Diseases of aquatic organisms 97 (3), 197-205, 2012
Quantitative studies on the soft-bottom macrobenthic animal communities of shallow Antarctic bays
VA Gallardo, JG Castillo, MA Retamal, A Yanez, HI Moyano, ...
Adaptations within Antarctic ecosystems. Washington, DC: Smithsonian …, 1977
Delphinol® standardized maqui berry extract reduces postprandial blood glucose increase in individuals with impaired glucose regulation by novel mechanism of sodium glucose …
J Hidalgo, C Flores, MA Hidalgo, M Perez, A Yanez, L Quinones, ...
Panminerva Med 56 (2 Suppl 3), 1-7, 2014
Two novel blood-free solid media for the culture of the salmonid pathogen Piscirickettsia salmonis
AJ Yañez, H Silva, K Valenzuela, JP Pontigo, M Godoy, J Troncoso, ...
J Fish Dis 36 (6), 587-91, 2013
Novel identification of peripheral dopaminergic D2 receptor in male germ cells
C Otth, M Torres, A Ramírez, JC Fernandez, M Castro, MC Rauch, M Brito, ...
Journal of cellular biochemistry 100 (1), 141-150, 2007
Combined effects of high stocking density and Piscirickettsia salmonis treatment on the immune system, metabolism and osmoregulatory responses of the Sub-Antarctic Notothenioid …
L Vargas-Chacoff, D Martínez, R Oyarzún, D Nualart, V Olavarría, ...
Fish & shellfish immunology 40 (2), 424-434, 2014
Adenosine mediates transforming growth factor-beta 1 release in kidney glomeruli of diabetic rats
H Roa, C Gajardo, E Troncoso, V Fuentealba, C Escudero, A Yáñez, ...
FEBS letters 583 (19), 3192-3198, 2009
Altered expression and localization of insulin receptor in proximal tubule cells from human and rat diabetic kidney
R Gatica, R Bertinat, P Silva, D Carpio, MJ Ramírez, JC Slebe, RS Martín, ...
Journal of Cellular Biochemistry 114 (3), 639-649, 2013
Different involvement for aldolase isoenzymes in kidney glucose metabolism: aldolase B but not aldolase A colocalizes and forms a complex with FBPase
AJ Yañez, HC Ludwig, R Bertinat, C Spichiger, R Gatica, G Berlien, ...
Journal of cellular physiology 202 (3), 743-753, 2005
Gluconeogenesis-linked glycogen metabolism is important in the achievement of in vitro capacitation of dog spermatozoa in a medium without glucose
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Biology of reproduction 71 (5), 1437-1445, 2004
U1 and U2 snRNA are localized in the sperm nucleus
II Concha, U Urzua, A Yañez, R Schroeder, C Pessot, LO Burzio
Experimental cell research 204 (2), 378-381, 1993
Effects on the metabolism, growth, digestive capacity and osmoregulation of juvenile of Sub-Antarctic Notothenioid fish Eleginops maclovinus acclimated at different salinities
L Vargas-Chacoff, E Saavedra, R Oyarzún, E Martínez-Montaño, ...
Fish physiology and biochemistry 41 (6), 1369-1381, 2015
Nuclear localization of liver FBPase isoenzyme in kidney and liver
AJ Yáñez, R Bertinat, II Concha, JC Slebe
FEBS letters 550 (1-3), 35-40, 2003
Tacrolimus causes a blockage of protein secretion which reinforces its immunosuppressive activity and also explains some of its toxic side-effects
MC Rauch, A San Martín, D Ojeda, C Quezada, M Salas, JG Cárcamo, ...
Transplant immunology 22 (1-2), 72-81, 2009
Molecular identification and functional characterization of the vitamin C transporters expressed by Sertoli cells
C Angulo, MA Castro, CI Rivas, D Segretain, R Maldonado, AJ Yañez, ...
Journal of cellular physiology 217 (3), 708-716, 2008
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