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Microsatellite allele sizes: a simple test to assess their significance on genetic differentiation
OJ Hardy, N Charbonnel, H Fréville, M Heuertz
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A 454 multiplex sequencing method for rapid and reliable genotyping of highly polymorphic genes in large-scale studies
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Metabarcoding for the parallel identification of several hundred predators and their prey: Application to bat species diet analysis
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A long-term genetic survey of an ungulate population reveals balancing selection acting on MHC through spatial and temporal fluctuations in selection
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Duplication, balancing selection and trans-species evolution explain the high levels of polymorphism of the DQA MHC class II gene in voles (Arvicolinae)
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Density‐related changes in selection pattern for major histocompatibility complex genes in fluctuating populations of voles
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Multiple parasites mediate balancing selection at two MHC class II genes in the fossorial water vole: insights from multivariate analyses and population genetics
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Landscape genetics highlights the role of bank vole metapopulation dynamics in the epidemiology of Puumala hantavirus
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Range expansion of the invasive house mouse Mus musculus domesticus in Senegal, West Africa: a synthesis of trapping data over three decades, 1983–2014
A Dalecky, K Bâ, S Piry, C Lippens, CA Diagne, M Kane, A Sow, M Diallo, ...
Mammal review 45 (3), 176-190, 2015
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