Dominik Kriegner
Dominik Kriegner
Post-doc at Technical University of Dresden
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Detection of X-ray photons by solution-processed lead halide perovskites
S Yakunin, M Sytnyk, D Kriegner, S Shrestha, M Richter, GJ Matt, H Azimi, ...
Nature photonics 9 (7), 444, 2015
Direct band gap wurtzite gallium phosphide nanowires
S Assali, I Zardo, S Plissard, D Kriegner, MA Verheijen, G Bauer, ...
Nano letters 13 (4), 1559-1563, 2013
Unit cell structure of crystal polytypes in InAs and InSb nanowires
D Kriegner, C Panse, B Mandl, KA Dick, M Keplinger, JM Persson, ...
Nano letters 11 (4), 1483-1489, 2011
A light-hole exciton in a quantum dot
YH Huo, BJ Witek, S Kumar, JR Cardenas, JX Zhang, N Akopian, R Singh, ...
Nature Physics 10 (1), 46, 2014
Tetragonal phase of epitaxial room-temperature antiferromagnet CuMnAs
P Wadley, V Novák, RP Campion, C Rinaldi, X Martí, H Reichlová, ...
Nature communications 4, 2013
Hexagonal Silicon Realized
HIT Hauge, MA Verheijen, S Conesa-Boj, T Etzelstorfer, M Watzinger, ...
Nano letters 15 (9), 5855-5860, 2015
Multiple-stable anisotropic magnetoresistance memory in antiferromagnetic MnTe
D Kriegner, K Výborný, K Olejník, H Reichlová, V Novák, X Marti, ...
Nature communications 7, 11623, 2016
Tuning the magnetic properties of metal oxide nanocrystal heterostructures by cation exchange
M Sytnyk, R Kirchschlager, MI Bodnarchuk, D Primetzhofer, D Kriegner, ...
Nano letters 13 (2), 586-593, 2013
Gold-free ternary III–V antimonide nanowire arrays on silicon: twin-free down to the first bilayer
S Conesa-Boj, D Kriegner, XL Han, S Plissard, X Wallart, J Stangl, ...
Nano letters 14 (1), 326-332, 2013
Unraveling the Core–Shell Structure of Ligand-Capped Sn/SnOx Nanoparticles by Surface-Enhanced Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Mössbauer, and X-ray …
L Protesescu, AJ Rossini, D Kriegner, M Valla, A De Kergommeaux, ...
ACS nano 8 (3), 2639-2648, 2014
xrayutilities: a versatile tool for reciprocal space conversion of scattering data recorded with linear and area detectors
D Kriegner, E Wintersberger, J Stangl
Journal of applied crystallography 46 (4), 1162-1170, 2013
Strain-induced nonsymmorphic symmetry breaking and removal of Dirac semimetallic nodal line in an orthoperovskite iridate
J Liu, D Kriegner, L Horak, D Puggioni, CR Serrao, R Chen, D Yi, ...
Physical Review B 93 (8), 085118, 2016
Hydrogen-bonded organic semiconductor micro-and nanocrystals: from colloidal syntheses to (opto-) electronic devices
M Sytnyk, ED Głowacki, S Yakunin, G Voss, W Schöfberger, D Kriegner, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 136 (47), 16522-16532, 2014
Crystal structure control in Au-free self-seeded InSb wire growth
B Mandl, KA Dick, D Kriegner, M Keplinger, G Bauer, J Stangl, K Deppert
Nanotechnology 22 (14), 145603, 2011
Structural Investigations of Core− shell Nanowires Using Grazing Incidence X-ray Diffraction
M Keplinger, T Mårtensson, J Stangl, E Wintersberger, B Mandl, ...
Nano letters 9 (5), 1877-1882, 2009
Unit cell parameters of wurtzite InP nanowires determined by x-ray diffraction
D Kriegner, E Wintersberger, K Kawaguchi, J Wallentin, MT Borgström, ...
Nanotechnology 22 (42), 425704, 2011
From highly monodisperse indium and indium tin colloidal nanocrystals to self-assembled indium tin oxide nanoelectrodes
M Yarema, S Pichler, D Kriegner, J Stangl, O Yarema, R Kirchschlager, ...
ACS nano 6 (5), 4113-4121, 2012
Polytypism of GaAs, InP, InAs, and InSb: An ab initio study
C Panse, D Kriegner, F Bechstedt
Physical Review B 84 (7), 075217, 2011
Particle-assisted GaxIn1− xP nanowire growth for designed bandgap structures
D Jacobsson, JM Persson, D Kriegner, T Etzelstorfer, J Wallentin, ...
Nanotechnology 23 (24), 245601, 2012
Current-induced torques in structures with ultrathin IrMn antiferromagnets
H Reichlová, D Kriegner, V Holý, K Olejník, V Novák, M Yamada, K Miura, ...
Physical Review B 92 (16), 165424, 2015
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