Prof. Dr. Frank Oliver Glöckner
Prof. Dr. Frank Oliver Glöckner
Alfred-Wegener-Institut - Helmholtz Zentrum für Polar- und Meeresforschung and Jacobs University
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The SILVA ribosomal RNA gene database project: improved data processing and web-based tools
C Quast, E Pruesse, P Yilmaz, J Gerken, T Schweer, P Yarza, J Peplies, ...
Nucleic acids research 41 (D1), D590-D596, 2012
SILVA: a comprehensive online resource for quality checked and aligned ribosomal RNA sequence data compatible with ARB
E Pruesse, C Quast, K Knittel, BM Fuchs, W Ludwig, J Peplies, ...
Nucleic acids research 35 (21), 7188-7196, 2007
Evaluation of general 16S ribosomal RNA gene PCR primers for classical and next-generation sequencing-based diversity studies
A Klindworth, E Pruesse, T Schweer, J Peplies, C Quast, M Horn, ...
Nucleic acids research 41 (1), e1-e1, 2013
SINA: accurate high-throughput multiple sequence alignment of ribosomal RNA genes
E Pruesse, J Peplies, FO Glöckner
Bioinformatics 28 (14), 1823-1829, 2012
The minimum information about a genome sequence (MIGS) specification
D Field, G Garrity, T Gray, N Morrison, J Selengut, P Sterk, T Tatusova, ...
Nature biotechnology 26 (5), 541, 2008
Revealing structure and assembly cues for Arabidopsis root-inhabiting bacterial microbiota
D Bulgarelli, M Rott, K Schlaeppi, EVL van Themaat, N Ahmadinejad, ...
Nature 488 (7409), 91, 2012
Bacterioplankton compositions of lakes and oceans: a first comparison based on fluorescence in situ hybridization
FO Glöckner, BM Fuchs, R Amann
Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 65 (8), 3721-3726, 1999
Uniting the classification of cultured and uncultured bacteria and archaea using 16S rRNA gene sequences
P Yarza, P Yilmaz, E Pruesse, FO Glöckner, W Ludwig, KH Schleifer, ...
Nature Reviews Microbiology 12 (9), 635, 2014
The All-Species Living Tree project: a 16S rRNA-based phylogenetic tree of all sequenced type strains
P Yarza, M Richter, J Peplies, J Euzeby, R Amann, KH Schleifer, ...
Systematic and applied microbiology 31 (4), 241-250, 2008
Culturability and in situ abundance of pelagic bacteria from the North Sea
H Eilers, J Pernthaler, FO Glöckner, R Amann
Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 66 (7), 3044-3051, 2000
Substrate-controlled succession of marine bacterioplankton populations induced by a phytoplankton bloom
H Teeling, BM Fuchs, D Becher, C Klockow, A Gardebrecht, CM Bennke, ...
Science 336 (6081), 608-611, 2012
Comparative 16S rRNA analysis of lake bacterioplankton reveals globally distributed phylogenetic clusters including an abundant group of actinobacteria
FO Glöckner, E Zaichikov, N Belkova, L Denissova, J Pernthaler, ...
Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 66 (11), 5053-5065, 2000
The SILVA and “all-species living tree project (LTP)” taxonomic frameworks
P Yilmaz, LW Parfrey, P Yarza, J Gerken, E Pruesse, C Quast, T Schweer, ...
Nucleic acids research 42 (D1), D643-D648, 2013
Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) with rRNA-targeted oligonucleotide probes
J Pernthaler, FO Glöckner, W Schönhuber, R Amann
Methods in microbiology 30, 207-226, 2001
Complete genome sequence of the marine planctomycete Pirellula sp. strain 1
FO Glöckner, M Kube, M Bauer, H Teeling, T Lombardot, W Ludwig, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 100 (14), 8298-8303, 2003
Update of the All-Species Living Tree Project based on 16S and 23S rRNA sequence analyses
P Yarza, W Ludwig, J Euzéby, R Amann, KH Schleifer, FO Glöckner, ...
Systematic and applied microbiology 33 (6), 291-299, 2010
Symbiosis insights through metagenomic analysis of a microbial consortium
T Woyke, H Teeling, NN Ivanova, M Huntemann, M Richter, FO Gloeckner, ...
Nature 443 (7114), 950, 2006
JSpeciesWS: a web server for prokaryotic species circumscription based on pairwise genome comparison
M Richter, R Rosselló-Móra, F Oliver Glöckner, J Peplies
Bioinformatics 32 (6), 929-931, 2015
Minimum information about a marker gene sequence (MIMARKS) and minimum information about any (x) sequence (MIxS) specifications
P Yilmaz, R Kottmann, D Field, R Knight, JR Cole, L Amaral-Zettler, ...
Nature biotechnology 29 (5), 415, 2011
TETRA: a web-service and a stand-alone program for the analysis and comparison of tetranucleotide usage patterns in DNA sequences
H Teeling, J Waldmann, T Lombardot, M Bauer, FO Glöckner
BMC bioinformatics 5 (1), 163, 2004
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