Markus Teige
Markus Teige
Group leader Plant Signalling, Mol. Systems Biology and Senior Lecturer at Max Perutz Laboratories
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The MKK2 pathway mediates cold and salt stress signaling in Arabidopsis
M Teige, E Scheikl, T Eulgem, R Dóczi, K Ichimura, K Shinozaki, JL Dangl, ...
Molecular cell 15 (1), 141-152, 2004
The PP2C-Type Phosphatase AP2C1, Which Negatively Regulates MPK4 and MPK6, Modulates Innate Immunity, Jasmonic Acid, and Ethylene Levels in Arabidopsis
A Schweighofer, V Kazanaviciute, E Scheikl, M Teige, R Doczi, H Hirt, ...
The Plant Cell 19 (7), 2213-2224, 2007
Plant organellar calcium signalling: an emerging field
S Stael, B Wurzinger, A Mair, N Mehlmer, UC Vothknecht, M Teige
Journal of experimental botany 63 (4), 1525-1542, 2012
The Arabidopsis Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase Kinase MKK3 Is Upstream of Group C Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinases and Participates in Pathogen Signaling
R Dóczi, G Brader, A Pettkó-Szandtner, I Rajh, A Djamei, A Pitzschke, ...
The Plant Cell 19 (10), 3266-3279, 2007
The Ca2+‐dependent protein kinase CPK3 is required for MAPK‐independent salt‐stress acclimation in Arabidopsis
N Mehlmer, B Wurzinger, S Stael, D Hofmann‐Rodrigues, E Csaszar, ...
The Plant Journal 63 (3), 484-498, 2010
The Arabidopsis MAP kinase kinase MKK1 participates in defence responses to the bacterial elicitor flagellin
T Mészáros, A Helfer, E Hatzimasoura, Z Magyar, L Serazetdinova, ...
The Plant Journal 48 (4), 485-498, 2006
Quantitative phosphoproteomics reveals the role of the AMPK plant ortholog SnRK1 as a metabolic master regulator under energy deprivation
E Nukarinen, T Nägele, L Pedrotti, B Wurzinger, A Mair, R Landgraf, ...
Scientific Reports 6 (1), 1-19, 2016
Model of a quinary structure between Krebs TCA cycle enzymes: a model for the metabolon
C Vélot, MB Mixon, M Teige, PA Srere
Biochemistry 36 (47), 14271-14276, 1997
Rck2, a member of the calmodulin-protein kinase family, links protein synthesis to high osmolarity MAP kinase signaling in budding yeast
M Teige, E Scheikl, V Reiser, H Ruis, G Ammerer
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 98 (10), 5625-5630, 2001
Plant innate immunity–sunny side up?
S Stael, P Kmiecik, P Willems, K Van Der Kelen, NS Coll, M Teige, ...
Trends in plant science 20 (1), 3-11, 2015
SnRK1-triggered switch of bZIP63 dimerization mediates the low-energy response in plants
A Mair, L Pedrotti, B Wurzinger, D Anrather, A Simeunovic, C Weiste, ...
Elife 4, e05828, 2015
Expression patterns within the Arabidopsis C/S1 bZIP transcription factor network: availability of heterodimerization partners controls gene expression during stress response …
F Weltmeier, F Rahmani, A Ehlert, K Dietrich, K Schütze, X Wang, ...
Plant molecular biology 69 (1-2), 107-119, 2009
Salt stress triggers phosphorylation of the Arabidopsis vacuolar K+ channel TPK1 by calcium-dependent protein kinases (CDPKs)
A Latz, N Mehlmer, S Zapf, TD Mueller, B Wurzinger, B Pfister, E Csaszar, ...
Molecular plant 6 (4), 1274-1289, 2013
The MAP Kinase Kinase MKK2 Affects Disease Resistance in Arabidopsis
G Brader, A Djamei, M Teige, ET Palva, H Hirt
Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 20 (5), 589-596, 2007
VIP1 response elements mediate mitogen-activated protein kinase 3-induced stress gene expression
A Pitzschke, A Djamei, M Teige, H Hirt
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 106 (43), 18414-18419, 2009
Brassinosteroid-regulated GSK3/Shaggy-like kinases phosphorylate mitogen-activated protein (MAP) kinase kinases, which control stomata development in Arabidopsis thaliana
M Khan, W Rozhon, J Bigeard, D Pflieger, S Husar, A Pitzschke, M Teige, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 288 (11), 7519-7527, 2013
Cross-talk of calcium-dependent protein kinase and MAP kinase signaling
B Wurzinger, A Mair, B Pfister, M Teige
Plant signaling & behavior 6 (1), 8-12, 2011
Ubiquitin Lysine 63 Chain–Forming Ligases Regulate Apical Dominance in Arabidopsis
XJ Yin, S Volk, K Ljung, N Mehlmer, K Dolezal, F Ditengou, S Hanano, ...
The Plant Cell 19 (6), 1898-1911, 2007
Roles of Arabidopsis patatin-related phospholipases a in root development are related to auxin responses and phosphate deficiency
S Rietz, G Dermendjiev, E Oppermann, FG Tafesse, Y Effendi, A Holk, ...
Molecular Plant 3 (3), 524-538, 2010
Know where your clients are: subcellular localization and targets of calcium-dependent protein kinases
A Simeunovic, A Mair, B Wurzinger, M Teige
Journal of experimental botany 67 (13), 3855-3872, 2016
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