Stefano Cecchi
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Integrated germanium optical interconnects on silicon substrates
P Chaisakul, D Marris-Morini, J Frigerio, D Chrastina, MS Rouifed, ...
Nature Photonics 8 (6), 482, 2014
Optical spin injection and spin lifetime in Ge heterostructures
F Pezzoli, F Bottegoni, D Trivedi, F Ciccacci, A Giorgioni, P Li, S Cecchi, ...
Physical review letters 108 (15), 156603, 2012
Direct-gap gain and optical absorption in germanium correlated to the density of photoexcited carriers, doping, and strain
L Carroll, P Friedli, S Neuenschwander, H Sigg, S Cecchi, F Isa, ...
Physical review letters 109 (5), 057402, 2012
Metal-insulator transition driven by vacancy ordering in GeSbTe phase change materials
V Bragaglia, F Arciprete, W Zhang, AM Mio, E Zallo, K Perumal, ...
Scientific reports 6, 23843, 2016
The thermoelectric properties of Ge/SiGe modulation doped superlattices
A Samarelli, L Ferre Llin, S Cecchi, J Frigerio, T Etzelstorfer, E Müller, ...
Journal of applied physics 113 (23), 233704, 2013
The cross-plane thermoelectric properties of p-Ge/Si0.5Ge0.5 superlattices
L Ferre Llin, A Samarelli, S Cecchi, T Etzelstorfer, E Müller Gubler, ...
Applied physics letters 103 (14), 143507, 2013
Spin polarized photoemission from strained Ge epilayers
F Bottegoni, G Isella, S Cecchi, F Ciccacci
Applied Physics Letters 98 (24), 242107, 2011
Ferroelectric control of the spin texture in GeTe
C Rinaldi, S Varotto, M Asa, J Sławińska, J Fujii, G Vinai, S Cecchi, ...
Nano letters 18 (5), 2751-2758, 2018
Photoinduced inverse spin Hall effect in Pt/Ge (001) at room temperature
F Bottegoni, A Ferrari, S Cecchi, M Finazzi, F Ciccacci, G Isella
Applied Physics Letters 102 (15), 152411, 2013
Electro-refractive effect in Ge/SiGe multiple quantum wells
J Frigerio, P Chaisakul, D Marris-Morini, S Cecchi, MS Roufied, G Isella, ...
Applied physics letters 102 (6), 061102, 2013
1.55 μm direct bandgap electroluminescence from strained n-Ge quantum wells grown on Si substrates
K Gallacher, P Velha, DJ Paul, S Cecchi, J Frigerio, D Chrastina, G Isella
Applied Physics Letters 101 (21), 211101, 2012
2D or Not 2D: strain tuning in weakly coupled heterostructures
R Wang, FRL Lange, S Cecchi, M Hanke, M Wuttig, R Calarco
Advanced Functional Materials 28 (14), 1705901, 2018
Ge/SiGe superlattices for thermoelectric energy conversion devices
S Cecchi, T Etzelstorfer, E Müller, A Samarelli, L Ferre Llin, D Chrastina, ...
Journal of Materials Science 48 (7), 2829-2835, 2012
Strong confinement-induced engineering of the g factor and lifetime of conduction electron spins in Ge quantum wells
A Giorgioni, S Paleari, S Cecchi, E Vitiello, E Grilli, G Isella, W Jantsch, ...
Nature communications 7 (1), 1-11, 2016
Thermal transport through short-period SiGe nanodot superlattices
P Chen, JJ Zhang, JP Feser, F Pezzoli, O Moutanabbir, S Cecchi, G Isella, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 115 (4), 044312, 2014
Ge/SiGe superlattices for nanostructured thermoelectric modules
D Chrastina, S Cecchi, JP Hague, J Frigerio, A Samarelli, L Ferre–Llin, ...
Thin Solid Films 543, 153-156, 2013
Thin SiGe virtual substrates for Ge heterostructures integration on silicon
S Cecchi, E Gatti, D Chrastina, J Frigerio, E Müller Gubler, DJ Paul, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 115 (9), 093502, 2014
Epitaxial SiGe alloys studied by spin-polarized photoemission
A Ferrari, F Bottegoni, G Isella, S Cecchi, F Ciccacci
Physical Review B 88 (11), 115209, 2013
Dislocation engineering in SiGe on periodic and aperiodic Si (001) templates studied by fast scanning X-ray nanodiffraction
V Mondiali, M Bollani, S Cecchi, MI Richard, T Schülli, G Chahine, ...
Applied Physics Letters 104 (2), 021918, 2014
Ge/SiGe Superlattices for Thermoelectric Devices Grown by Low-Energy Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition
S Cecchi, T Etzelstorfer, E Müller, A Samarelli, LF Llin, D Chrastina, ...
Journal of Electronic Materials, 1-5, 2013
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