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Quantitative susceptibility mapping (QSM) as a means to measure brain iron? A post mortem validation study
C Langkammer, F Schweser, N Krebs, A Deistung, W Goessler, ...
Neuroimage 62 (3), 1593-1599, 2012
The creative brain: Investigation of brain activity during creative problem solving by means of EEG and fMRI
A Fink, RH Grabner, M Benedek, G Reishofer, V Hauswirth, M Fally, ...
Human brain mapping 30 (3), 734-748, 2009
To retrieve or to calculate? Left angular gyrus mediates the retrieval of arithmetic facts during problem solving
RH Grabner, D Ansari, K Koschutnig, G Reishofer, F Ebner, C Neuper
Neuropsychologia 47 (2), 604-608, 2009
To create or to recall? Neural mechanisms underlying the generation of creative new ideas
M Benedek, E Jauk, A Fink, K Koschutnig, G Reishofer, F Ebner, ...
NeuroImage 88, 125-133, 2014
Individual differences in mathematical competence predict parietal brain activation during mental calculation
RH Grabner, D Ansari, G Reishofer, E Stern, F Ebner, C Neuper
Neuroimage 38 (2), 346-356, 2007
Enhancing creativity by means of cognitive stimulation: Evidence from an fMRI study
A Fink, RH Grabner, D Gebauer, G Reishofer, K Koschutnig, F Ebner
NeuroImage 52 (4), 1687-1695, 2010
Fast quantitative susceptibility mapping using 3D EPI and total generalized variation
C Langkammer, K Bredies, BA Poser, M Barth, G Reishofer, AP Fan, ...
Neuroimage 111, 622-630, 2015
Stimulating creativity via the exposure to other people's ideas
A Fink, K Koschutnig, M Benedek, G Reishofer, A Ischebeck, EM Weiss, ...
Human brain mapping 33 (11), 2603-2610, 2012
Fact learning in complex arithmetic and figural‐spatial tasks: The role of the angular gyrus and its relation to mathematical competence
RH Grabner, A Ischebeck, G Reishofer, K Koschutnig, M Delazer, F Ebner, ...
Human brain mapping 30 (9), 2936-2952, 2009
Creativity and schizotypy from the neuroscience perspective
A Fink, B Weber, K Koschutnig, M Benedek, G Reishofer, F Ebner, ...
Cognitive, Affective, & Behavioral Neuroscience 14, 378-387, 2014
The function of the left angular gyrus in mental arithmetic: evidence from the associative confusion effect
RH Grabner, D Ansari, K Koschutnig, G Reishofer, F Ebner
Human brain mapping 34 (5), 1013-1024, 2013
Gray matter density in relation to different facets of verbal creativity
A Fink, K Koschutnig, L Hutterer, E Steiner, M Benedek, B Weber, ...
Brain Structure and Function 219, 1263-1269, 2014
Insulin and hippocampus activation in response to images of high‐calorie food in normal weight and obese adolescents
S Wallner‐Liebmann, K Koschutnig, G Reishofer, E Sorantin, B Blaschitz, ...
Obesity 18 (8), 1552-1557, 2010
Neural correlates of intolerance of uncertainty
A Schienle, A Köchel, F Ebner, G Reishofer, A Schäfer
Neuroscience letters 479 (3), 272-276, 2010
Fractal dimension and vessel complexity in patients with cerebral arteriovenous malformations
G Reishofer, K Koschutnig, C Enzinger, F Ebner, H Ahammer
PloS one 7 (7), e41148, 2012
Differences in brain function and changes with intervention in children with poor spelling and reading abilities
D Gebauer, A Fink, R Kargl, G Reishofer, K Koschutnig, C Purgstaller, ...
PloS one 7 (5), e38201, 2012
Differences in integrity of white matter and changes with training in spelling impaired children: a diffusion tensor imaging study
D Gebauer, A Fink, N Filippini, H Johansen-Berg, G Reishofer, ...
Brain Structure and Function 217, 747-760, 2012
Propensity and sensitivity measures of fear and disgust are differentially related to emotion-specific brain activation
A Schäfer, V Leutgeb, G Reishofer, F Ebner, A Schienle
Neuroscience Letters 465 (3), 262-266, 2009
Structure-function relationships underlying calculation: a combined diffusion tensor imaging and fMRI study
L van Eimeren, RH Grabner, K Koschutnig, G Reishofer, F Ebner, ...
Neuroimage 52 (1), 358-363, 2010
Investigating neural efficiency in the visuo-spatial domain: an FMRI study
I Lipp, M Benedek, A Fink, K Koschutnig, G Reishofer, S Bergner, ...
PloS one 7 (12), e51316, 2012
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