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Extensional subsidence, contractional folding and thrust inversion of the eastern Cameros Basin, northern Spain
AM Casas-Sainz, A Gil-Imaz
Geologische Rundschau 86 (4), 802-818, 1998
Permian magmatism and basin dynamics in the southern Pyrenees: a record of the transition from late Variscan transtension to early Alpine extension
M Lago, E Arranz, A Pocovi, C Galé, A Gil-Imaz
Geological Society, London, Special Publications 223 (1), 439-464, 2004
Evidence of a Cretaceous remagnetization in the Cameros Basin (North Spain): implications for basin geometry
JJ Villalaín, G Fernández-González, AM Casas, A Gil-Imaz
Tectonophysics 377 (1-2), 101-117, 2003
Late Carboniferous-Permian tectonics and magmatic activity in the Skagerrak, Kattegat and the North Sea
M Heeremans, JI Faleide
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Lower Permian magmatism of the Iberian Chain, Central Spain, and its relationship to extensional tectonics
M Lago, E Arranz, A Pocoví, C Galé, A Gil-Imaz
Geological Society, London, Special Publications 223 (1), 465-490, 2004
Multidisciplinary approach to an extensional syncline model for the Mesozoic Cameros Basin (N Spain)
AM Casas, JJ Villalaín, R Soto, A Gil-Imaz, P Del Río, G Fernández
Tectonophysics 470 (1-2), 3-20, 2009
Characterizing the Mesozoic extension direction in the northern Iberian plate margin by anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility (AMS)
R Soto, AM Casas-Sainz, JJ VILLALAíN, A Gil-Imaz, ...
Journal of the Geological Society 165 (6), 1007-1018, 2008
Magma flow and thermal contraction fabric in tabular intrusions inferred from AMS analysis. A case study in a late-Variscan folded sill of the Albarracín Massif (southeastern …
A Gil-Imaz, A Pocovi, M Lago, C Galé, E Arranz, C Rillo, E Guerrero
Journal of Structural Geology 28 (4), 641-653, 2006
Magmatism in the intracratonic Central Iberian basins during the Permian: Palaeoenvironmental consequences
M Lago, A Gil, E Arranz, C Galé, A Pocoví
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 229 (1-2), 83-103, 2005
Vertical axis rotations in fold and thrust belts: comparison of AMS and paleomagnetic data in the Western External Sierras (Southern Pyrenees)
ÓP Anchuela, EL Pueyo, AP Juan, AG Imaz
Tectonophysics 532, 119-133, 2012
Tectonic imprint in magnetic fabrics in foreland basins: a case study from the Ebro Basin, N Spain
ÓP Anchuela, AP Juan, AG Imaz
Tectonophysics 492 (1-4), 150-163, 2010
Strain indicators and magnetic fabric in intraplate fault zones: Case study of Daroca thrust, Iberian Chain, Spain
AM Casas-Sainz, A Gil-Imaz, JL Simón, E Izquierdo-Llavall, L Aldega, ...
Tectonophysics 730, 29-47, 2018
Multidisciplinary constraints on the Cadomian compression and early Cambrian extension in the Iberian Chains, NE Spain
JJ Álvaro, B Bauluz, AG Imaz, JL Simón
Tectonophysics 461 (1-4), 215-227, 2008
La estructura de la Sierra de Cameros: deformación dúctil y su significado a escala cortical
AG Imaz
Universidad de Zaragoza, 1999
Rasgos geológicos del magmatismo autuniense en la Sierra de Albarracín (Cadena Ibérica occidental)
M Lago, A Gil-Imaz, A Pocoví, E Arranz, J Bastida, L Auque, MP Lapuente
Cuadernos de Geología Ibérica 20, 139-157, 1996
La esquistosidad alpina del extremo NW de la Cadena Ibérica Oriental (Sierra del Moncayo): Distribución, génesis y significado tectónico
AG Imaz, AP Juan
Revista de la Sociedad Geológica de Espana 7 (1), 91-113, 1994
Paleomagnetism from Deception Island (South Shetlands archipelago, Antarctica), new insights into the interpretation of the volcanic evolution using a geomagnetic model
B Oliva-Urcia, I Gil-Peńa, A Maestro, J López-Martínez, J Galindo-Zaldívar, ...
International Journal of Earth Sciences 105 (5), 1353-1370, 2016
The Permian mafic dyke swarm of the Panticosa pluton (Pyrenean Axial Zone, Spain): simultaneous emplacement with the late-Variscan extension
AG Imaz, ML San José, C Galé, ÓP Anchuela, T Ubide, P Tierz, BO Urcia
Journal of Structural Geology, 2012
The triassic alkaline dolerites of the Valacloche-Camarena area (SE-Iberian Chain, Teruel): geodynamic implications
ML San José, CG Bomao, EA Yagüe, AG Imaz, AP Juan, RV Navarro
Estudios geológicos 56 (5-6), 211-228, 2000
Triassic tholeiitic dolerites («ophites») of the El Grado diapir (Pyrenees, Huesca, Spain): emplacement and composition
ML San José, CG Bomao, EA Yagüe, RV Navarro, AG Imaz, AP Juan
Estudios geológicos 56 (1-2), 3-8, 2000
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