Anja Stevic
Anja Stevic
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“Looking Up and Feeling Down”. The influence of mobile social networking site use on upward social comparison, self-esteem, and well-being of adult smartphone users
D Schmuck, K Karsay, J Matthes, A Stevic
Telematics and informatics 42, 101240, 2019
“Too much to handle”: Impact of mobile social networking sites on information overload, depressive symptoms, and well-being
J Matthes, K Karsay, D Schmuck, A Stevic
Computers in Human Behavior 105, 106217, 2020
Longitudinal effects of excessive smartphone use on stress and loneliness: The moderating role of self-disclosure
K Karsay, D Schmuck, J Matthes, A Stevic
Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking 22 (11), 706-713, 2019
Fighting over smartphones? Parents' excessive smartphone use, lack of control over children's use, and conflict
J Matthes, MF Thomas, A Stevic, D Schmuck
Computers in Human Behavior 116, 106618, 2021
‘Age Matters’: A panel study investigating the influence of communicative and passive smartphone use on well-being
A Stevic, D Schmuck, J Matthes, K Karsay
Behaviour & Information Technology 40 (2), 176-190, 2021
You are not alone: Smartphone use, friendship satisfaction, and anxiety during the COVID-19 crisis
A Stevic, K Koban, A Binder, J Matthes
Mobile Media & Communication 10 (2), 294-315, 2022
Politics–simply explained? How influencers affect youth’s perceived simplification of politics, political cynicism, and political interest
D Schmuck, M Hirsch, A Stevic, J Matthes
The International Journal of Press/Politics 27 (3), 738-762, 2022
The COVID-19 infodemic at your fingertips. Reciprocal relationships between COVID-19 information FOMO, bedtime smartphone news engagement, and daytime tiredness over time
K Koban, A Neureiter, A Stevic, J Matthes
Computers in Human Behavior 130, 107175, 2022
A vicious circle between children’s non-communicative smartphone use and loneliness: Parents cannot do much about it
A Stevic, J Matthes
Telematics and Informatics 64, 101677, 2021
Longitudinal relationships among fear of COVID-19, smartphone online self-disclosure, happiness, and psychological well-being: survey study
J Matthes, K Koban, A Neureiter, A Stevic
Journal of Medical Internet Research 23 (9), e28700, 2021
Are smartphones enhancing or displacing face-to-face communication with close ties? A panel study among adults
A Stevic, D Schmuck, K Karsay, J Matthes
International Journal of Communication 15, 27, 2021
Reflective smartphone disengagement: Conceptualization, measurement, and validation
J Matthes, K Karsay, M Hirsch, A Stevic, D Schmuck
Computers in Human Behavior 128, 107078, 2022
Žene i muškarci u televizijskim vijestima: glasovi nejednake vrijednosti
V Car, K Leaković, A Stević, J Stipović
Medijska istraživanja: znanstveno-stručni časopis za novinarstvo i medije 23 …, 2017
99+ matches but a spark ain’t one: Adverse psychological effects of excessive swiping on dating apps
MF Thomas, A Binder, A Stevic, J Matthes
Telematics and Informatics 78, 101949, 2023
Out of control? How parents’ perceived lack of control over children’s smartphone use affects children’s self-esteem over time
D Schmuck, A Stevic, J Matthes, K Karsay
New media & society 25 (1), 199-219, 2023
Privacy concerns can stress you out: Investigating the reciprocal relationship between mobile social media privacy concerns and perceived stress
A Stevic, D Schmuck, A Koemets, M Hirsch, K Karsay, MF Thomas, ...
Communications 47 (3), 327-349, 2022
Sleeping with the smartphone: a panel study investigating parental mediation, adolescents’ tiredness, and physical well-being
K Karsay, D Schmuck, A Stevic, J Matthes
Behaviour & Information Technology 42 (11), 1833-1844, 2023
A tale of two concepts: differential temporal predictions of habitual and compulsive social media use concerning connection overload and sleep quality
K Koban, A Stevic, J Matthes
Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication 28 (2), zmac040, 2023
Co-present smartphone use, friendship satisfaction, and social isolation: The role of coping strategies
A Stevic, J Matthes
Computers in Human Behavior 149, 107960, 2023
Fear of Missing Out, Reflective Smartphone Disengagement, and Loneliness in Late Adolescents
J Matthes, A Stevic, K Koban, MF Thomas, M Forrai, K Karsay
Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking 26 (10), 731-738, 2023
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