Aino Hosia
Aino Hosia
University Museum of Bergen
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Seasonal changes in the gelatinous zooplankton community and hydromedusa abundances in Korsfjord and Fanafjord, western Norway
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Vertical distribution (0–1000 m) of macrozooplankton, estimated using the Underwater Video Profiler, in different hydrographic regimes along the northern portion of the Mid …
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Ocean current connectivity propelling the secondary spread of a marine invasive comb jelly across western Eurasia
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Unexpected new species of deep-water Hydroidomedusae from Korsfjorden, Norway
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Autumnal bottom-up and top-down impacts of Cyanea capillata: a mesocosm study
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Experimental feeding rates of gelatinous predators Aurelia aurita and Mnemiopsis leidyi at low northern Baltic Sea salinity
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Boreal Environment Publishing Board, 2012
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