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Hendrik G Stunnenberg
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International network of cancer genome projects
International Cancer Genome Consortium
Nature 464 (7291), 993, 2010
An oestrogen-receptor-α-bound human chromatin interactome
MJ Fullwood, MH Liu, YF Pan, J Liu, H Xu, YB Mohamed, YL Orlov, ...
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A unified nomenclature system for the nuclear receptor superfamily
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Landscape of somatic mutations in 560 breast cancer whole-genome sequences
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Analysis of the Plasmodium falciparum proteome by high-accuracy mass spectrometry
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Identification of a retinoic acid responsive element in the retinoic acid receptor & beta; gene
H de The, M del Mar Vivanco-Ruiz, P Tiollais, H Stunnenberg, A Dejean
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The transcriptional and epigenomic foundations of ground state pluripotency
H Marks, T Kalkan, R Menafra, S Denissov, K Jones, H Hofemeister, ...
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mTOR-and HIF-1α–mediated aerobic glycolysis as metabolic basis for trained immunity
SC Cheng, J Quintin, RA Cramer, KM Shepardson, S Saeed, V Kumar, ...
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Rapid and efficient purification of native histidine-tagged protein expressed by recombinant vaccinia virus.
R Janknecht, G de Martynoff, J Lou, RA Hipskind, A Nordheim, ...
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Epigenetic programming of monocyte-to-macrophage differentiation and trained innate immunity
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Science 345 (6204), 1251086, 2014
Trained immunity: a program of innate immune memory in health and disease
MG Netea, LAB Joosten, E Latz, KHG Mills, G Natoli, HG Stunnenberg, ...
Science 352 (6284), aaf1098, 2016
Bacille Calmette-Guerin induces NOD2-dependent nonspecific protection from reinfection via epigenetic reprogramming of monocytes
J Kleinnijenhuis, J Quintin, F Preijers, LAB Joosten, DC Ifrim, S Saeed, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 109 (43), 17537-17542, 2012
Heterodimerization of the Drosophila ecdysone receptor with retinoid X receptor and ultraspiracle
HE Thomas, HG Stunnenberg, AF Stewart
Nature 362 (6419), 471, 1993
Genome-wide profiling of PPARγ: RXR and RNA polymerase II occupancy reveals temporal activation of distinct metabolic pathways and changes in RXR dimer composition during …
R Nielsen, TÅ Pedersen, D Hagenbeek, P Moulos, R Siersbæk, ...
Genes & development 22 (21), 2953-2967, 2008
Quantitative comparison of genome-wide DNA methylation mapping technologies
C Bock, EM Tomazou, AB Brinkman, F Müller, F Simmer, H Gu, N Jäger, ...
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Genome‐wide analysis of ETS‐family DNA‐binding in vitro and in vivo
GH Wei, G Badis, MF Berger, T Kivioja, K Palin, M Enge, M Bonke, ...
The EMBO journal 29 (13), 2147-2160, 2010
RXR alpha, a promiscuous partner of retinoic acid and thyroid hormone receptors.
TH Bugge, J Pohl, O Lonnoy, HG Stunnenberg
The EMBO journal 11 (4), 1409-1418, 1992
Non-coding recurrent mutations in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia
XS Puente, S Beà, R Valdés-Mas, N Villamor, J Gutiérrez-Abril, ...
Nature 526 (7574), 519, 2015
Molecular mechanism of anaerobic ammonium oxidation
B Kartal, WJ Maalcke, NM de Almeida, I Cirpus, J Gloerich, W Geerts, ...
Nature 479 (7371), 127, 2011
ChIP‐Seq of ERα and RNA polymerase II defines genes differentially responding to ligands
WJ Welboren, MA Van Driel, EM Janssen‐Megens, SJ Van Heeringen, ...
The EMBO journal 28 (10), 1418-1428, 2009
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