Assist. Prof. Dr. Stephan Hohloch
Assist. Prof. Dr. Stephan Hohloch
Inorganic Chemisty, University of Innsbruck
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The ligand field of the azido ligand: insights into bonding parameters and magnetic anisotropy in a Co (II)–Azido complex
D Schweinfurth, MG Sommer, M Atanasov, S Demeshko, S Hohloch, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 137 (5), 1993-2005, 2015
Arene–ruthenium (II) and− iridium (III) complexes with “click”-based pyridyl-triazoles, bis-triazoles, and chelating abnormal carbenes: Applications in catalytic transfer …
S Hohloch, L Suntrup, B Sarkar
Organometallics 32 (24), 7376-7385, 2013
Heterobimetallic complexes with redox-active mesoionic carbenes as metalloligands: electrochemical properties, electronic structures and catalysis
L Hettmanczyk, S Manck, C Hoyer, S Hohloch, B Sarkar
Chemical Communications 51 (54), 10949-10952, 2015
Copper (I) complexes of normal and abnormal carbenes and their use as catalysts for the Huisgen [3+ 2] cycloaddition between azides and alkynes
S Hohloch, CY Su, B Sarkar
European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 2011 (20), 3067-3075, 2011
Are Cu (I)-mesoionic NHC carbenes associated with nitrogen additives the best Cu-carbene catalysts for the azide–alkyne click reaction in solution? A case study
S Hohloch, B Sarkar, L Nauton, F Cisnetti, A Gautier
Tetrahedron Letters 54 (14), 1808-1812, 2013
Catalytic oxygenation of sp 3 “C–H” bonds with Ir (III) complexes of chelating triazoles and mesoionic carbenes
S Hohloch, S Kaiser, FL Duecker, A Bolje, R Maity, J Košmrlj, B Sarkar
Dalton Transactions 44 (2), 686-693, 2015
Cyclometalated Mono‐ and Dinuclear IrIII Complexes with “Click”‐Derived Triazoles and Mesoionic Carbenes
R Maity, S Hohloch, CY Su, M van der Meer, B Sarkar
Chemistry–A European Journal 20 (32), 9952-9961, 2014
Exploring the scope of pyridyl-and picolyl-functionalized 1, 2, 3-triazol-5-ylidenes in bidentate coordination to ruthenium (II) cymene chloride complexes
A Bolje, S Hohloch, D Urankar, A Pevec, M Gazvoda, B Sarkar, ...
Organometallics 33 (10), 2588-2598, 2014
RuII, OsII, and IrIII Complexes with Chelating Pyridyl–Mesoionic Carbene Ligands: Structural Characterization and Applications in Transfer Hydrogenation Catalysis
A Bolje, S Hohloch, M van der Meer, J Košmrlj, B Sarkar
Chemistry–A European Journal 21 (18), 6756-6764, 2015
A new supporting ligand in actinide chemistry leads to reactive bis (NHC) borate-supported thorium complexes
ME Garner, S Hohloch, L Maron, J Arnold
Organometallics 35 (17), 2915-2922, 2016
(Electro) catalytic C–C bond formation reaction with a redox-active cobalt complex
M van der Meer, Y Rechkemmer, I Peremykin, S Hohloch, J van Slageren, ...
Chemical Communications 50 (76), 11104-11106, 2014
Activating Azides and Alkynes for the Click Reaction with [Cu(aNHC)2I] or [Cu(aNHC)2]+ (aNHC = Triazole‐Derived Abnormal Carbenes): Structural …
S Hohloch, D Scheiffele, B Sarkar
European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 2013 (22‐23), 3956-3965, 2013
Tuning spin–spin coupling in quinonoid-bridged dicopper (II) complexes through rational bridge variation
D Schweinfurth, MM Khusniyarov, D Bubrin, S Hohloch, CY Su, B Sarkar
Inorganic Chemistry 52 (18), 10332-10339, 2013
Abnormal carbenes derived from the 1, 5-cycloaddition product between azides and alkynes: structural characterization of Pd (II) complexes and their catalytic properties
S Hohloch, W Frey, CY Su, B Sarkar
Dalton Transactions 42 (32), 11355-11358, 2013
Dinuclear Quinonoid-Bridged d8 Metal Complexes with Redox-Active Azobenzene Stoppers: Electrochemical Properties and Electrochromic Behavior
N Deibel, MG Sommer, S Hohloch, J Schwann, D Schweinfurth, F Ehret, ...
Organometallics 33 (18), 4756-4765, 2014
Ru II, Ir III and Os II mesoionic carbene complexes: efficient catalysts for transfer hydrogenation of selected functionalities
A Bolje, S Hohloch, J Košmrlj, B Sarkar
Dalton Transactions 45 (40), 15983-15993, 2016
Redox‐Induced Spin‐State Switching and Mixed Valency in Quinonoid‐Bridged Dicobalt Complexes
D Schweinfurth, Y Rechkemmer, S Hohloch, N Deibel, I Peremykin, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 20 (12), 3475-3486, 2014
The redox series [Ru (bpy) 2 (L)] n, n=+ 3,+ 2,+ 1, 0, with L= bipyridine,“click” derived pyridyl-triazole or bis-triazole: A combined structural, electrochemical …
S Hohloch, D Schweinfurth, MG Sommer, F Weisser, N Deibel, F Ehret, ...
Dalton Transactions 43 (11), 4437-4450, 2014
Spin crossover in Fe (II) and Co (II) complexes with the same click-derived tripodal ligand
D Schweinfurth, S Demeshko, S Hohloch, M Steinmetz, JG Brandenburg, ...
Inorganic Chemistry 53 (16), 8203-8212, 2014
Group 5 chemistry supported by β-diketiminate ligands
S Hohloch, BM Kriegel, RG Bergman, J Arnold
Dalton Transactions 45 (40), 15725-15745, 2016
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