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Christian Koller
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Cavity QED with magnetically coupled collective spin states
R Amsüss, C Koller, T Nöbauer, S Putz, S Rotter, K Sandner, S Schneider, ...
Physical review letters 107 (6), 060502, 2011
Strong magnetic coupling of an ultracold gas to a superconducting waveguide cavity
J Verdú, H Zoubi, C Koller, J Majer, H Ritsch, J Schmiedmayer
Physical review letters 103 (4), 043603, 2009
Twin-atom beams
R Bücker, J Grond, S Manz, T Berrada, T Betz, C Koller, U Hohenester, ...
Nature Physics 7 (8), 608, 2011
Single-particle-sensitive imaging of freely propagating ultracold atoms
R Bücker, A Perrin, S Manz, T Betz, C Koller, T Plisson, J Rottmann, ...
New Journal of Physics 11 (10), 103039, 2009
Two-point density correlations of quasicondensates in free expansion
S Manz, R Bücker, T Betz, C Koller, S Hofferberth, IE Mazets, ...
Physical Review A 81 (3), 031610, 2010
Two-point phase correlations of a one-dimensional bosonic Josephson junction
T Betz, S Manz, R Bücker, T Berrada, C Koller, G Kazakov, IE Mazets, ...
Physical review letters 106 (2), 020407, 2011
Hanbury Brown and Twiss correlations across the Bose–Einstein condensation threshold
A Perrin, R Bücker, S Manz, T Betz, C Koller, T Plisson, T Schumm, ...
Nature Physics 8 (3), 195, 2012
Strong magnetic coupling of an inhomogeneous nitrogen-vacancy ensemble to a cavity
K Sandner, H Ritsch, R Amsüss, C Koller, T Nöbauer, S Putz, ...
Physical Review A 85 (5), 053806, 2012
Stochastic optimization of a cold atom experiment using a genetic algorithm
W Rohringer, R Buecker, S Manz, T Betz, C Koller, M Goebel, A Perrin, ...
Applied Physics Letters 93 (26), 264101, 2008
Magnetic conveyor belt transport of ultracold atoms to a superconducting atomchip
S Minniberger, F Diorico, S Haslinger, C Hufnagel, C Novotny, N Lippok, ...
Applied Physics B 116 (4), 1017-1021, 2014
Electron beam driven alkali metal atom source for loading a magneto-optical trap in a cryogenic environment
S Haslinger, R Amsüss, C Koller, C Hufnagel, N Lippok, J Majer, J Verdu, ...
Applied Physics B 102 (4), 819-823, 2011
Towards the experimental realization of hybrid quantum systems
C Koller
Universal Integrated Photodetector Platform
A Nemecek, P Neumann, C Koller
Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute Proceedings 2 (13), 756, 2018
Light Effects on High Q-Resonators for Hybrid Quantum Systems
C Koller, R Amsuess, T Noebauer, M Schramboeck, J Schmiedmayer, ...
Hybrid quantum system: Coupling color centers to superconducting cavities
R Amsuess, C Koller, T Noebauer, M Schrammboeck, J Schmiedmayer, ...
Verhandlungen der Deutschen Physikalischen Gesellschaft, 2011
Hybrid quantum systems: integrating atomic and solid-state qubits
J Majer, R Amsuess, S Haslinger, N Lippok, C Koller, S Schneider, ...
Phase fluctuations in one-dimensional quasi-condensates on an atom chip
T Betz, S Manz, C Koller, R Bueker, A Perrin, T Schumm, J Schmiedmayer
Hybrid quantum systems: integrating atomic and solid-state qubits
S Haslinger, R Amsuess, C Koller, N Lippok, J Majer, S Schneider, ...
Superradiance of an ultracold gas coupled to a microwave cavity
K Henschel, H Zoubi, H Ritsch, R Amsuess, N Lippok, S Haslinger, ...
Hybrid Quantum System: Coupling Color Centers to Superconducting Cavities
J Majer, R Amsuess, C Koller, T Noebauer, S Putz, M Schramboeck, ...
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