Wojciech Gawlik
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Resonant nonlinear magneto-optical effects in atoms
D Budker, W Gawlik, DF Kimball, SM Rochester, VV Yashchuk, A Weis
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Diamonds with a high density of nitrogen-vacancy centers for magnetometry applications
VM Acosta, E Bauch, MP Ledbetter, C Santori, KMC Fu, PE Barclay, ...
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P Nussenzveig, F Bernardot, M Brune, J Hare, JM Raimond, S Haroche, ...
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Laser frequency stabilization by Doppler-free magnetic dichroism
G Wasik, W Gawlik, J Zachorowski, W Zawadzki
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Detecting domain walls of axionlike models using terrestrial experiments
M Pospelov, S Pustelny, MP Ledbetter, DFJ Kimball, W Gawlik, D Budker
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Time-of-flight measurement of the temperature of cold atoms for short trap-probe beam distances
TM Brzozowski, M Maczynska, M Zawada, J Zachorowski, W Gawlik
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Nonlinear magneto-optical rotation with frequency-modulated light in the geophysical field range
V Acosta, MP Ledbetter, SM Rochester, D Budker, DF Jackson Kimball, ...
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The Global Network of Optical Magnetometers for Exotic physics (GNOME): A novel scheme to search for physics beyond the Standard Model
S Pustelny, DF Jackson Kimball, C Pankow, MP Ledbetter, P Wlodarczyk, ...
Annalen der Physik 525 (8-9), 659-670, 2013
Nonlinear magneto-optical rotation with amplitude modulated light
W Gawlik, L Krzemień, S Pustelny, D Sangla, J Zachorowski, M Graf, ...
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Magnetometry based on nonlinear magneto-optical rotation with amplitude-modulated light
S Pustelny, A Wojciechowski, M Gring, M Kotyrba, J Zachorowski, ...
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Room temperature femtotesla radio-frequency atomic magnetometer
W Chalupczak, RM Godun, S Pustelny, W Gawlik
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Observation of the electric hexadecapole moment of free Na atoms in a forward scattering experiment
W Gawlik, J Kowalski, R Neumann, F Träger
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Longitudinal spin relaxation in nitrogen-vacancy ensembles in diamond
M Mrózek, D Rudnicki, P Kehayias, A Jarmola, D Budker, W Gawlik
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Selective addressing of high-rank atomic polarization moments
VV Yashchuk, D Budker, W Gawlik, DF Kimball, YP Malakyan, ...
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Saturated-absorption spectroscopy revisited: atomic transitions in strong magnetic fields (> 20 mT) with a micrometer-thin cell
A Sargsyan, A Tonoyan, R Mirzoyan, D Sarkisyan, AM Wojciechowski, ...
Optics Letters 39 (8), 2270-2273, 2014
Absolute measurement of the 1S0 − 3P0 clock transition in neutral 88Sr over the 330 km-long stabilized fibre optic link
P Morzyński, M Bober, D Bartoszek-Bober, J Nawrocki, P Krehlik, ...
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Nonlinear magneto-optical rotation with modulated light in tilted magnetic fields
S Pustelny, W Gawlik, SM Rochester, DFJ Kimball, VV Yashchuk, ...
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W Gawlik, J Kowalski, R Neumann, HB Wiegemann
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Pump-probe nonlinear magneto-optical rotation with frequency-modulated light
S Pustelny, DF Jackson Kimball, SM Rochester, VV Yashchuk, W Gawlik, ...
Physical Review A—Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics 73 (2), 023817, 2006
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