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A map of human genome variation from population scale sequencing
1000 Genomes Project Consortium
Nature 467 (7319), 1061, 2010
An integrated map of genetic variation from 1,092 human genomes
1000 Genomes Project Consortium
Nature 491 (7422), 56, 2012
Selecting a maximally informative set of single-nucleotide polymorphisms for association analyses using linkage disequilibrium
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Mapping complex disease loci in whole-genome association studies
CS Carlson, MA Eberle, L Kruglyak, DA Nickerson
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Demographic history and rare allele sharing among human populations
S Gravel, BM Henn, RN Gutenkunst, AR Indap, GT Marth, AG Clark, F Yu, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108 (29), 11983-11988, 2011
Population history and natural selection shape patterns of genetic variation in 132 genes
JM Akey, MA Eberle, MJ Rieder, CS Carlson, MD Shriver, DA Nickerson, ...
PLoS biology 2 (10), e286, 2004
Additional SNPs and linkage-disequilibrium analyses are necessary for whole-genome association studies in humans
CS Carlson, MA Eberle, MJ Rieder, JD Smith, L Kruglyak, DA Nickerson
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Integrating sequence and array data to create an improved 1000 Genomes Project haplotype reference panel
O Delaneau, J Marchini
Nature communications 5 (1), 1-9, 2014
Extensive and breed-specific linkage disequilibrium in Canis familiaris
NB Sutter, MA Eberle, HG Parker, BJ Pullar, EF Kirkness, L Kruglyak, ...
Genome research 14 (12), 2388-2396, 2004
A reference data set of 5.4 million phased human variants validated by genetic inheritance from sequencing a three-generation 17-member pedigree
MA Eberle, E Fritzilas, P Krusche, M Källberg, BL Moore, MA Bekritsky, ...
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Genomic regions exhibiting positive selection identified from dense genotype data
CS Carlson, DJ Thomas, MA Eberle, JE Swanson, RJ Livingston, ...
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Detection of long repeat expansions from PCR-free whole-genome sequence data
E Dolzhenko, JJ Van Vugt, RJ Shaw, MA Bekritsky, M Van Blitterswijk, ...
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Haplotype diversity across 100 candidate genes for inflammation, lipid metabolism, and blood pressure regulation in two populations
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Best practices for benchmarking germline small-variant calls in human genomes
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Nature biotechnology 37 (5), 555-560, 2019
A new susceptibility locus for autosomal dominant pancreatic cancer maps to chromosome 4q32-34
MA Eberle, R Pfützer, KL Pogue-Geile, MP Bronner, D Crispin, ...
The American Journal of Human Genetics 70 (4), 1044-1048, 2002
Lower-than-expected linkage disequilibrium between tightly linked markers in humans suggests a role for gene conversion
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The American Journal of Human Genetics 69 (3), 582-589, 2001
Power to detect risk alleles using genome-wide tag SNP panels
MA Eberle, PC Ng, K Kuhn, L Zhou, DA Peiffer, L Galver, ...
PLoS genetics 3 (10), e170, 2007
Bioinformatics-based identification of expanded repeats: a non-reference intronic pentamer expansion in RFC1 causes CANVAS
H Rafehi, DJ Szmulewicz, MF Bennett, NLM Sobreira, K Pope, KR Smith, ...
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Whole-genome haplotyping by dilution, amplification, and sequencing
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Length of uninterrupted CAG, independent of polyglutamine size, results in increased somatic instability, hastening onset of Huntington disease
GEB Wright, JA Collins, C Kay, C McDonald, E Dolzhenko, Q Xia, ...
The American Journal of Human Genetics 104 (6), 1116-1126, 2019
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