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Aedes albopictus, an arbovirus vector: from the darkness to the light
C Paupy, H Delatte, L Bagny, V Corbel, D Fontenille
Microbes and infection 11 (14-15), 1177-1185, 2009
Influence of Temperature on Immature Development, Survival, Longevity, Fecundity, and Gonotrophic Cycles of Aedes albopictus, Vector of Chikungunya and …
H Delatte, G Gimonneau, A Triboire, D Fontenille
Journal of medical entomology 46 (1), 33-41, 2009
Modelling adult Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus survival at different temperatures in laboratory and field settings
OJ Brady, MA Johansson, CA Guerra, S Bhatt, N Golding, DM Pigott, ...
Parasites & vectors 6 (1), 1-12, 2013
Blood-feeding behavior of Aedes albopictus, a vector of Chikungunya on La Réunion
H Delatte, A Desvars, A Bouétard, S Bord, G Gimonneau, G Vourc'h, ...
Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases 10 (3), 249-258, 2010
Begomovirus ‘melting pot’in the south-west Indian Ocean islands: molecular diversity and evolution through recombination
P Lefeuvre, DP Martin, M Hoareau, F Naze, H Delatte, M Thierry, ...
Journal of General Virology 88 (12), 3458-3468, 2007
Aedes albopictus, vector of chikungunya and dengue viruses in Reunion Island: biology and control
H Delatte, C Paupy, JS Dehecq, J Thiria, AB Failloux, D Fontenille
Parasite (Paris, France) 15 (1), 3-13, 2008
Geographic distribution and developmental sites of Aedes albopictus (Diptera: Culicidae) during a Chikungunya epidemic event
H Delatte, JS Dehecq, J Thiria, C Domerg, C Paupy, D Fontenille
Vector-Borne and zoonotic diseases 8 (1), 25-34, 2008
A new silverleaf-inducing biotype Ms of Bemisia tabaci (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae) indigenous to the islands of the south-west Indian Ocean
H Delatte, B Reynaud, M Granier, L Thornary, JM Lett, R Goldbach, ...
Bulletin of entomological research 95 (1), 29-35, 2005
Aedes (Diptera: Culicidae) Vectors of Arboviruses in Mayotte (Indian Ocean): Distribution Area and Larval Habitats
L Bagny, H Delatte, N Elissa, S Quilici, D Fontenille
Journal of medical entomology 46 (2), 198-207, 2009
A review of the current knowledge on Zeugodacus cucurbitae (Coquillett)(Diptera, Tephritidae) in Africa, with a list of species included in Zeugodacus
M De Meyer, H Delatte, M Mwatawala, S Quilici, JF Vayssières, M Virgilio
ZooKeys, 539, 2015
Honeybee biomarkers as promising tools to monitor environmental quality
A Badiou-Bénéteau, A Benneveau, F Géret, H Delatte, N Becker, ...
Environment international 60, 31-41, 2013
The invaders: phylogeography of dengue and chikungunya viruses Aedes vectors, on the South West islands of the Indian Ocean
H Delatte, L Bagny, C Brengue, A Bouétard, C Paupy, D Fontenille
Infection, genetics and evolution 11 (7), 1769-1781, 2011
Dispersal and Survival of Male and Female Aedes albopictus (Diptera: Culicidae) on Réunion Island
R Lacroix, H Delatte, T Hue, P Reiter
Journal of medical entomology 46 (5), 1117-1124, 2009
Progressive Decrease in Aedes aegypti Distribution in Reunion Island Since the 1900s
L Bagny, H Delatte, S Quilici, D Fontenille
Journal of medical entomology 46 (6), 1541-1545, 2009
Genetic structure of the invasive pest Bemisia tabaci: evidence of limited but persistent genetic differentiation in glasshouse populations
A Dalmon, F Halkett, M Granier, H Delatte, M Peterschmitt
Heredity 100 (3), 316-325, 2008
South West Indian Ocean islands tomato begomovirus populations represent a new major monopartite begomovirus group
H Delatte, DP Martin, F Naze, R Goldbach, B Reynaud, M Peterschmitt, ...
Journal of General Virology 86 (5), 1533-1542, 2005
Differential invasion success among biotypes: case of Bemisia tabaci
H Delatte, PF Duyck, A Triboire, P David, N Becker, O Bonato, B Reynaud
Biological Invasions 11 (4), 1059-1070, 2009
Microsatellites reveal extensive geographical, ecological and genetic contacts between invasive and indigenous whitefly biotypes in an insular environment
H Delatte, P David, M Granier, JM Lett, R Goldbach, M Peterschmitt, ...
Genetics Research 87 (2), 109-124, 2006
Macrogeographic population structuring in the cosmopolitan agricultural pest Bactrocera cucurbitae (Diptera: Tephritidae)
M Virgilio, H Delatte, T Backeljau, M De Meyer
Molecular Ecology 19 (13), 2713-2724, 2010
Symbiont diversity and non‐random hybridization among indigenous (Ms) and invasive (B) biotypes of Bemisia tabaci
M Thierry, N Becker, A Hajri, B Reynaud, JM Lett, H Delatte
Molecular Ecology 20 (10), 2172-2187, 2011
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