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NMR study of solution structures and dynamics of lanthanide (III) complexes of DOTA
S Aime, M Botta, G Ermondi
Inorganic Chemistry 31 (21), 4291-4299, 1992
Novel contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging. Synthesis and characterization of the ligand BOPTA and its Ln (III) complexes (Ln= Gd, La, Lu). X-ray structure of …
F Uggeri, S Aime, PL Anelli, M Botta, M Brocchetta, C de Haeen, ...
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Impact of dynamically exposed polarity on permeability and solubility of chameleonic drugs beyond the rule of 5
M Rossi Sebastiano, BC Doak, M Backlund, V Poongavanam, B Over, ...
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Furoxans as nitric oxide donors. 4-Phenyl-3-furoxancarbonitrile: thiol-mediated nitric oxide release and biological evaluation
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New 1, 4-dihydropyridines conjugated to furoxanyl moieties, endowed with both nitric oxide-like and calcium channel antagonist vasodilator activities
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Intramolecular hydrogen bonding: An opportunity for improved design in medicinal chemistry
G Caron, J Kihlberg, G Ermondi
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Relaxometric, Structural, and Dynamic NMR Studies of DOTA-like Ln(III) Complexes (Ln = La, Gd, Ho, Yb) Containing a p-Nitrophenyl Substituent
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Conformational sampling of macrocyclic drugs in different environments: can we find the relevant conformations?
V Poongavanam, E Danelius, S Peintner, L Alcaraz, G Caron, ...
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Synthesis and NMRD studies of gadolinium (3+) complexes of macrocyclic polyamino polycarboxylic ligands bearing. beta.-benzyloxy-. alpha.-propionic residues
S Aime, M Botta, G Ermondi, F Fedeli, F Uggeri
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Molecular and statistical modeling of reduction peak potential and lipophilicity of platinum (IV) complexes
JA Platts, G Ermondi, G Caron, M Ravera, E Gabano, L Gaviglio, G Pelosi, ...
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Contribution of ionization and lipophilicity to drug binding to albumin: a preliminary step toward biodistribution prediction
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Flexibility in early drug discovery: focus on the beyond-Rule-of-5 chemical space
G Caron, V Digiesi, S Solaro, G Ermondi
Drug Discovery Today 25 (4), 621-627, 2020
Molecular descriptors for polarity: the need for going beyond polar surface area
G Caron, G Ermondi
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Calculating Virtual log P in the Alkane/Water System (log PNalk) and Its Derived Parameters Δlog PNoct-alk and log DpHalk
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Lipophilicity behaviour of the zwitterionic antihistamine cetirizine in phosphatidylcholine liposomes/water systems
GP van Balen, G Caron, G Ermondi, A Pagliara, T Grandi, G Bouchard, ...
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Steering new drug discovery campaigns: permeability, solubility, and physicochemical properties in the bRo5 chemical space
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Ionization, lipophilicity, and molecular modeling to investigate permeability and other biological properties of amlodipine
G Caron, G Ermondi, A Damiano, L Novaroli, O Tsinman, JA Ruell, ...
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry 12 (23), 6107-6118, 2004
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