Yu Yun (云宇)
Yu Yun (云宇)
Postdocs, Drexel university
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High-Mobility Spin-Polarized Two-Dimensional Electron Gases at Interfaces
H Zhang, Y Yun, X Zhang, H Zhang, Y Ma, X Yan, F Wang, G Li, R Li, ...
Physical review letters 121 (11), 116803, 2018
Probe of spin dynamics in superconducting NbN thin films via spin pumping
Y Yao, Q Song, Y Takamura, JP Cascales, W Yuan, Y Ma, Y Yun, XC Xie, ...
Physical Review B 97 (22), 224414, 2018
Thermal Spin Injection and Inverse Edelstein Effect of the Two-Dimensional Electron Gas at EuO–KTaO3 Interfaces
H Zhang, Y Ma, H Zhang, X Chen, S Wang, G Li, Y Yun, X Yan, Y Chen, ...
Nano Letters 19 (3), 1605-1612, 2019
Weak magnetism of Aurivillius-type multiferroic thin films probed by polarized neutron reflectivity
X Zhai, AJ Grutter, Y Yun, Z Cui, Y Lu
Physical Review Materials 2 (4), 044405, 2018
Soft X-ray absorption spectroscopy investigations of Bi6FeCoTi3O18 and LaBi5FeCoTi3O18 epitaxial thin films
Z Cui, H Xu, Y Yun, J Guo, YD Chuang, H Huang, D Meng, J Wang, Z Fu, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 120 (8), 084101, 2016
Interface engineering in epitaxial growth of layered oxides via a conducting layer insertion
Y Yun, C Ma, X Zhai, H Huang, D Meng, J Wang, Z Fu, R Peng, GJ Brown, ...
Applied Physics Letters 107 (1), 011602, 2015
Growth of single-crystalline Bi6FeCoTi3O18 thin films and their magnetic–ferroelectric properties
Y Yun, X Zhai, C Ma, H Huang, D Meng, Z Cui, J Wang, Z Fu, R Peng, ...
Applied Physics Express 8 (5), 054001, 2015
Self-modulated nanostructures in super-large-period Bi11(Fe5CoTi3)10/9O33 epitaxial thin films
D Meng, X Zhai, C Ma, H Huang, Y Yun, Y Huang, Z Fu, R Peng, X Mao, ...
Applied Physics Letters 106 (21), 212906, 2015
Role of La doping for topological Hall effect in epitaxial EuO films
Y Yun, Y Ma, T Su, W Xing, Y Chen, Y Yao, R Cai, W Yuan, W Han
Physical Review Materials 2 (3), 034201, 2018
Ferroelectric Polarization‐Assisted Sensitive and High‐Power Photodetector in Broad Ultraviolet‐to‐Visible Range
Y Liu, J Wang, H Huang, Y Yun, D Meng, Q Yang, X Zhai, Z Fu, RJ Knize, ...
Advanced Optical Materials 5 (12), 1700158, 2017
Role of Oxygen in Ionic Liquid Gating on Two-Dimensional Cr2Ge2Te6: A Non-oxide Material
Y Chen, W Xing, X Wang, B Shen, W Yuan, T Su, Y Ma, Y Yao, J Zhong, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 10 (1), 1383-1388, 2018
Tailoring magnetism in self-intercalated epitaxial films
Y Fujisawa, M Pardo-Almanza, J Garland, K Yamagami, X Zhu, X Chen, ...
Physical Review Materials 4 (11), 114001, 2020
Discerning lattice and electronic structures in under-and over-doped multiferroic Aurivillius films
D Meng, S Tao, H Huang, J Wang, Y Yun, R Peng, Z Fu, L Zheng, S Chu, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 121 (11), 114107, 2017
DC current induced metal-insulator transition in epitaxial Sm0.6Nd0.4NiO3/LaAlO3 thin film
H Huang, Z Luo, Y Yang, Y Yun, M Yang, D Meng, H Wang, S Hu, J Bao, ...
AIP Advances 4 (5), 057102, 2014
Observation of long phase-coherence length in epitaxial La-doped CdO thin films
Y Yun, Y Ma, S Tao, W Xing, Y Chen, T Su, W Yuan, J Wei, X Lin, Q Niu, ...
Physical Review B 96 (24), 245310, 2017
Effect of interface defects on the magnetoresistance in Bi4Ti3O12/(La, Sr) Mn1− xO3 heterostructures
H Huang, X Zhai, J Wang, D Meng, Y Yun, C Ma, X Zheng, L Wu, H Pan, ...
Journal of Materials Science 53 (13), 9627-9634, 2018
Spin rectification and electrically controlled spin transport in molecular-ferroelectrics-based spin valves
Y Yin, X Jiang, MA Koten, JE Shield, X Chen, Y Yun, X Hong, X Xu
Physical Review Applied 13 (6), 064011, 2020
Tuning Negative Capacitance in Heterostructures via Layer Thickness Ratio
Y Hao, T Li, Y Yun, X Li, X Chen, J Song, Z Ahmadi, JE Shield, X Xu, ...
Physical Review Applied 16 (3), 034004, 2021
Colossal intrinsic exchange bias in epitaxial CoFe2O4/Al2O3 thin films
D Yang, Y Yun, A Subedi, NE Rogers, DM Cornelison, PA Dowben, X Xu
arXiv preprint arXiv:2102.03048, 2021
Reduced growth temperature of Bi6FeCoTi3O18 thin films by conductive bottom layers
Y Yun, H Huang, D Meng, Z Cui, J Wang, Z Fu, R Peng, X Zhai, Y Lu
Journal of Crystal Growth 454, 25-29, 2016
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