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Leptin receptor gene polymorphisms are associated with adiposity and metabolic alterations in Brazilian individuals
R Oliveira, A Cerda, FDV Genvigir, MF Sampaio, D Armaganijan, ...
Arquivos Brasileiros de endocrinologia & metabologia 57, 677-684, 2013
Effects of lipid-lowering drugs on reverse cholesterol transport gene expressions in peripheral blood mononuclear and HepG2 cells
FDV Genvigir, AC Rodrigues, A Cerda, SS Arazi, MAV Willrich, R Oliveira, ...
Pharmacogenomics 11 (9), 1235-1246, 2010
Influence of the CYP3A4/5 genetic score and ABCB1 polymorphisms on tacrolimus exposure and renal function in Brazilian kidney transplant patients
FDV Genvigir, PC Salgado, CR Felipe, EYF Luo, C Alves, A Cerda, ...
Pharmacogenetics and Genomics 26 (10), 462-472, 2016
Influence of SCARB1 polymorphisms on serum lipids of hypercholesterolemic individuals treated with atorvastatin
Á Cerda, FDV Genvigir, SS Arazi, MH Hirata, EL Dorea, MMS Bernik, ...
Clinica chimica acta 411 (9-10), 631-637, 2010
Role of microRNAs 221/222 on statin induced nitric oxide release in human endothelial cells
A Cerda, CM Fajardo, RG Basso, MH Hirata, RDC Hirata
Arquivos Brasileiros de Cardiologia 104, 195-201, 2014
Polymorphisms in genes involved in the leptin-melanocortin pathway are associated with obesity-related cardiometabolic alterations in a Southern Chilean population
V Manriquez, J Aviles, L Salazar, N Saavedra, P Seron, F Lanas, ...
Molecular diagnosis & therapy 22, 101-113, 2018
No association between common Gly972Arg variant of the insulin receptor substrate-1 and polycystic ovary syndrome in Southern Chilean women
P Valdés, A Cerda, C Barrenechea, M Kehr, C Soto, LA Salazar
Clinica chimica acta 390 (1-2), 63-66, 2008
Influence of PCSK9 polymorphisms on plasma lipids and response to atorvastatin treatment in Brazilian subjects
JM Anderson, A Cerda, MH Hirata, AC Rodrigues, EL Dorea, MMS Bernik, ...
Journal of clinical lipidology 8 (3), 256-264, 2014
Alta prevalencia de dislipidemias y riesgo aterogénico en una población infanto-juvenil
J Sapunar, N AGUILAR-FARÍAS, J Navarro, G Araneda, ...
Revista médica de Chile 146 (10), 1112-1122, 2018
Statins differentially modulate microRNAs expression in peripheral cells of hyperlipidemic subjects: a pilot study
T Zambrano, RDC Hirata, MH Hirata, A Cerda, LA Salazar
European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 117, 55-61, 2018
Relationship of NAT2, CYP2E1 and GSTM1/GSTT1 polymorphisms with mild elevation of liver enzymes in Brazilian individuals under anti-tuberculosis drug therapy
FJ Forestiero, L Cecon, MH Hirata, FF de Melo, RF Cardoso, A Cerda, ...
Clinica Chimica Acta 415, 215-219, 2013
High prevalence of dyslipidemia and high atherogenic index of plasma in children and adolescents
J Sapunar, N Aguilar-Farias, J Navarro, G Araneda, D Chandia-Poblete, ...
Rev Med Chil 146 (10), 1112-1122, 2018
Effects of atorvastatin on CYP3A4 and CYP3A5 mRNA expression in mononuclear cells and CYP3A activity in hypercholeresterolemic patients
MAV Willrich, AC Rodrigues, A Cerda, FDV Genvigir, SS Arazi, EL Dorea, ...
Clinica Chimica Acta 421, 157-163, 2013
Adenovirus 36 seropositivity is related to obesity risk, glycemic control, and leptin levels in Chilean subjects
J Sapunar, L Fonseca, V Molina, E Ortiz, MI Barra, C Reimer, M Charles, ...
International journal of obesity 44 (1), 159-166, 2020
Impact of 3’UTR genetic variants in PCSK9 and LDLR genes on plasma lipid traits and response to atorvastatin in Brazilian subjects: a pilot study
T Zambrano, MH Hirata, Á Cerda, EL Dorea, GA Pinto, MC Gusukuma, ...
International journal of clinical and experimental medicine 8 (4), 5978, 2015
Altered microRNome profiling in statin-induced HepG2 cells: a pilot study identifying potential new biomarkers involved in lipid-lowering treatment
T Zambrano, RDC Hirata, MH Hirata, Á Cerda, LA Salazar
Cardiovascular drugs and therapy 29, 509-518, 2015
Polymorphisms in antithrombin and in tissue factor pathway inhibitor genes are associated with recurrent pregnancy loss
EM Guerra-Shinohara, JF Bertinato, CT Bueno, KC da Silva, ...
Thrombosis and haemostasis 108 (10), 693-700, 2012
Transport of cowpea bean derived peptides and their modulator effects on mRNA expression of cholesterol-related genes in Caco-2 and HepG2 cells
MR Marques, A Cerda, GG Fontanari, DC Pimenta, RM Soares-Freitas, ...
Food Research International 107, 165-171, 2018
Levels of regulatory proteins associated with cell proliferation in endometria from untreated patients having polycystic ovarian syndrome with and without endometrial hyperplasia
K Bacallao, F Plaza-Parrochia, A Cerda, F Gabler, C Romero, D Vantman, ...
Reproductive Sciences 23, 211-218, 2016
Atorvastatin and hormone therapy effects on APOE mRNA expression in hypercholesterolemic postmenopausal women
MH Issa, A Cerda, FDV Genvigir, SA Cavalli, MC Bertolami, AA Faludi, ...
The Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 128 (3-5), 139-144, 2012
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