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Microglia express distinct M1 and M2 phenotypic markers in the postnatal and adult central nervous system in male and female mice
JM Crain, M Nikodemova, JJ Watters
Journal of neuroscience research 91 (9), 1143-1151, 2013
Minocycline exerts inhibitory effects on multiple mitogen‐activated protein kinases and IκBα degradation in a stimulus‐specific manner in microglia
M Nikodemova, ID Duncan, JJ Watters
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The adverse metabolic effects of branched-chain amino acids are mediated by isoleucine and valine
D Yu, NE Richardson, CL Green, AB Spicer, ME Murphy, V Flores, C Jang, ...
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Minocycline down-regulates MHC II expression in microglia and macrophages through inhibition of IRF-1 and protein kinase C (PKC) α/βII
M Nikodemova, JJ Watters, SJ Jackson, SK Yang, ID Duncan
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Corticotropin releasing hormone receptors: two decades later
G Aguilera, M Nikodemova, PC Wynn, KJ Catt
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Microglial numbers attain adult levels after undergoing a rapid decrease in cell number in the third postnatal week
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Efficient isolation of live microglia with preserved phenotypes from adult mouse brain
M Nikodemova, JJ Watters
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Expression of P2 nucleotide receptors varies with age and sex in murine brain microglia
JM Crain, M Nikodemova, JJ Watters
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Regulation of pituitary corticotropin releasing hormone receptors
G Aguilera, C Rabadan-Diehl, M Nikodemova
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Association of Sleep Disordered Breathing and Cognitive Deficit in APOE ε4 Carriers
M Nikodemova, L Finn, E Mignot, N Salzieder, PE Peppard
Sleep 36 (6), 873-880, 2013
Spinal but not cortical microglia acquire an atypical phenotype with high VEGF, galectin-3 and osteopontin, and blunted inflammatory responses in ALS rats
M Nikodemova, AL Small, SMC Smith, GS Mitchell, JJ Watters
Neurobiology of disease 69, 43-53, 2014
CSF1 overexpression has pleiotropic effects on microglia in vivo
I De, M Nikodemova, MD Steffen, E Sokn, VI Maklakova, JJ Watters, ...
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Outbred ICR/CD1 mice display more severe neuroinflammation mediated by microglial TLR4/CD14 activation than inbred C57Bl/6 mice
M Nikodemova, JJ Watters
Neuroscience 190, 67-74, 2011
Corticotropin‐releasing hormone (CRH) expression and protein kinase A mediated CRH receptor signalling in an immortalized hypothalamic cell line
J Kasckow, JJ Mulchahey, G Aguilera, M Pisarska, M Nikodemova, ...
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The P2X7‐Egr pathway regulates nucleotide‐dependent inflammatory gene expression in microglia
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Purinergic receptor modulation of BV-2 microglial cell activity: potential involvement of p38 MAP kinase and CREB
VM Brautigam, C Frasier, M Nikodemova, JJ Watters
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Inhibition of corticotropin releasing hormone type-1 receptor translation by an upstream AUG triplet in the 5′ untranslated region
G Xu, C Rabadan-Diehl, M Nikodemova, P Wynn, J Spiess, G Aguilera
Molecular Pharmacology 59 (3), 485-492, 2001
Four-week ethanol intake decreases food intake and body weight but does not affect plasma leptin, corticosterone, and insulin levels in pubertal rats
V Štrbák, J Benický, L Macho, D Jeẑová, M Nikodémová
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Quantification of myelin and axon pathology during relapsing progressive experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis in the Biozzi ABH mouse
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Cyclic adenosine 3′, 5′-monophosphate regulation of corticotropin-releasing hormone promoter activity in AtT-20 cells and in a transformed hypothalamic cell line
M Nikodemova, J Kasckow, H Liu, V Manganiello, G Aguilera
Endocrinology 144 (4), 1292-1300, 2003
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