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Dopamine as a robust anchor to immobilize functional molecules on the iron oxide shell of magnetic nanoparticles
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Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy study of a lithium/sulfur battery: modeling and analysis of capacity fading
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A survey of remote sensing-based aboveground biomass estimation methods in forest ecosystems
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An improved particle swarm optimization for feature selection
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Injectable biodegradable temperature-responsive PLGA–PEG–PLGA copolymers: synthesis and effect of copolymer composition on the drug release from the copolymer-based hydrogels
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Cross‐talk between calcium and reactive oxygen species signaling
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PEATMAP: Refining estimates of global peatland distribution based on a meta-analysis
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Use of flow modeling to assess sustainability of groundwater resources in the North China Plain
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First principles calculations of electronic band structure and optical properties of Cr-doped ZnO
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Magnetic properties of Mn doped ZnO tetrapod structures
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Deep-Ultraviolet Nonlinear Optical Materials: Na2Be4B4O11 and LiNa5Be12B12O33
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Role of point defects in room-temperature ferromagnetism of Cr-doped ZnO
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Preparation of ZnO/Cu2O compound photocatalyst and application in treating organic dyes
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Creep cavitation can establish a dynamic granular fluid pump in ductile shear zones
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Methanation over Ni/SiO2: effect of the catalyst preparation methodologies
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Granzyme B is critical for T cell receptor-induced cell death of type 2 helper T cells
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Assessment of runoff and sediment yield in the Miyun Reservoir catchment by using SWAT model
ZX Xu, JP Pang, CM Liu, JY Li
Hydrological Processes: An International Journal 23 (25), 3619-3630, 2009
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