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Proteomics reveals the overlapping roles of hydrogen peroxide and nitric oxide in the acclimation of citrus plants to salinity
G Tanou, C Job, L Rajjou, E Arc, M Belghazi, G Diamantidis, A Molassiotis, ...
The Plant Journal 60 (5), 795-804, 2009
ABA crosstalk with ethylene and nitric oxide in seed dormancy and germination
E Arc, J Sechet, F Corbineau, L Rajjou, A Marion-Poll
Frontiers in plant science 4, 63, 2013
Nitric oxide implication in the control of seed dormancy and germination
E Arc, M Galland, B Godin, G Cueff, L Rajjou
Frontiers in Plant Science 4, 346, 2013
Dynamic proteomics emphasizes the importance of selective mRNA translation and protein turnover during Arabidopsis seed germination
M Galland, R Huguet, E Arc, G Cueff, D Job, L Rajjou
Molecular & Cellular Proteomics 13 (1), 252-268, 2014
Reboot the system thanks to protein post‐translational modifications and proteome diversity: how quiescent seeds restart their metabolism to prepare seedling establishment
E Arc, M Galland, G Cueff, B Godin, I Lounifi, D Job, L Rajjou
Proteomics 11 (9), 1606-1618, 2011
Interplay between protein carbonylation and nitrosylation in plants
I Lounifi, E Arc, A Molassiotis, D Job, L Rajjou, G Tanou
Proteomics 13 (3-4), 568-578, 2013
Side-effects of domestication: cultivated legume seeds contain similar tocopherols and fatty acids but less carotenoids than their wild counterparts
B Fernández-Marín, R Milla, N Martín-Robles, E Arc, I Kranner, ...
BMC plant biology 14, 1-11, 2014
Glutathione redox state, tocochromanols, fatty acids, antioxidant enzymes and protein carbonylation in sunflower seed embryos associated with after-ripening and ageing
F Morscher, I Kranner, E Arc, C Bailly, T Roach
Annals of Botany 116 (4), 669-678, 2015
An integrated “multi-omics” comparison of embryo and endosperm tissue-specific features and their impact on rice seed quality
M Galland, D He, I Lounifi, E Arc, G Clément, S Balzergue, S Huguet, ...
Frontiers in plant science 8, 1984, 2017
Cold Stratification and Exogenous Nitrates Entail Similar Functional Proteome Adjustments during Arabidopsis Seed Dormancy Release
E Arc, K Chibani, P Grappin, M Jullien, B Godin, G Cueff, B Valot, ...
Journal of proteome research 11 (11), 5418-5432, 2012
Formation of lipid bodies and changes in fatty acid composition upon pre-akinete formation in Arctic and Antarctic Zygnema (Zygnematophyceae, Streptophyta …
M Pichrtova, E Arc, W Stöggl, I Kranner, T Hájek, H Hackl, A Holzinger
FEMS Microbiology Ecology 92 (7), fiw096, 2016
Metatranscriptomic and metabolite profiling reveals vertical heterogeneity within a Zygnema green algal mat from Svalbard (High Arctic)
M Rippin, M Pichrtová, E Arc, I Kranner, B Becker, A Holzinger
Environmental Microbiology 21 (11), 4283-4299, 2019
Does oxygen affect ageing mechanisms of Pinus densiflora seeds? A matter of cytoplasmic physical state
D Gerna, D Ballesteros, E Arc, W Stöggl, CE Seal, N Marami-Zonouz, ...
Journal of Experimental Botany 73 (8), 2631-2649, 2022
How dry is dry? Molecular mobility in relation to thallus water content in a lichen
F Candotto Carniel, B Fernandez-Marín, E Arc, T Craighero, JM Laza, ...
Journal of Experimental Botany 72 (5), 1576-1588, 2021
Proteomics and posttranslational proteomics of seed dormancy and germination
L Rajjou, M Belghazi, J Catusse, L Ogé, E Arc, B Godin, K Chibani, ...
Seed Dormancy: Methods and Protocols, 215-236, 2011
Pre-akinete formation in Zygnema sp. from polar habitats is associated with metabolite re-arrangement
E Arc, M Pichrtová, I Kranner, A Holzinger
Journal of Experimental Botany 71 (11), 3314-3322, 2020
Redox poise and metabolite changes in bread wheat seeds are advanced by priming with hot steam
D Gerna, T Roach, E Arc, W Stöggl, M Limonta, P Vaccino, I Kranner
Biochemical Journal 475 (23), 3725-3743, 2018
Adaptation to Aquatic and Terrestrial Environments in Chlorella vulgaris (Chlorophyta)
S Aigner, K Glaser, E Arc, A Holzinger, M Schletter, U Karsten, I Kranner
Frontiers in Microbiology 11, 585836, 2020
Abscisic acid-determined seed vigour differences do not influence redox regulation during ageing
C Schausberger, T Roach, W Stöggl, E Arc, WE Finch-Savage, I Kranner
Biochemical Journal 476 (6), 965-974, 2019
Acquisition of desiccation tolerance in Haematococcus pluvialis requires photosynthesis and coincides with lipid and astaxanthin accumulation
T Roach, N Böck, N Rittmeier, E Arc, I Kranner, A Holzinger
Algal Research 64, 102699, 2022
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