François Leblanc
François Leblanc
LATMOS - Laboratoire Atmosphères, Milieux, Observations Spatiales
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The Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution (MAVEN) Mission
BM Jakosky, RP Lin, JM Grebowsky, JG Luhmann, DF Mitchell, ...
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Loss of the Martian atmosphere to space: Present-day loss rates determined from MAVEN observations and integrated loss through time
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Mars atmospheric escape and evolution; interaction with the solar wind
E Chassefière, F Leblanc
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T Lebrun, H Massol, E Chassefière, A Davaille, E Marcq, P Sarda, ...
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CJ Owen, R Bruno, S Livi, P Louarn, K Al Janabi, F Allegrini, C Amoros, ...
Astronomy & Astrophysics 642, A16, 2020
Mercury's sodium exosphere
F Leblanc, RE Johnson
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Martian dayglow as seen by the SPICAM UV spectrograph on Mars Express
F Leblanc, JY Chaufray, J Lilensten, O Witasse, JL Bertaux
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JY Chaufray, JL Bertaux, F Leblanc, E Quémerais
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RE Johnson, MR Combi, JL Fox, WH Ip, F Leblanc, MA McGrath, ...
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A quantitative model of the planetary Na+ contribution to Mercury’s magnetosphere
DC Delcourt, S Grimald, F Leblanc, JJ Berthelier, A Millilo, A Mura, ...
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Characterizing atmospheric escape from Mars today and through time, with MAVEN
RJ Lillis, DA Brain, SW Bougher, F Leblanc, JG Luhmann, BM Jakosky, ...
Space Science Reviews 195, 357-422, 2015
Three‐dimensional Martian ionosphere model: I. The photochemical ionosphere below 180 km
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Nightglow in the upper atmosphere of Mars and implications for atmospheric transport
JL Bertaux, F Leblanc, S Perrier, E Quémerais, O Korablev, E Dimarellis, ...
Science 307 (5709), 566-569, 2005
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