Steffen Klamt
Steffen Klamt
Max Planck Institute for Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems, Magdeburg
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Metabolic network structure determines key aspects of functionality and regulation
J Stelling, S Klamt, K Bettenbrock, S Schuster, ED Gilles
Nature 420 (6912), 190, 2002
Structural and functional analysis of cellular networks with CellNetAnalyzer
S Klamt, J Saez-Rodriguez, ED Gilles
BMC systems biology 1 (1), 2, 2007
Comparison of network-based pathway analysis methods
JA Papin, J Stelling, ND Price, S Klamt, S Schuster, BO Palsson
Trends in biotechnology 22 (8), 400-405, 2004
A methodology for the structural and functional analysis of signaling and regulatory networks
S Klamt, J Saez-Rodriguez, JA Lindquist, L Simeoni, ED Gilles
BMC bioinformatics 7 (1), 56, 2006
Two approaches for metabolic pathway analysis?
S Klamt, J Stelling
Trends in biotechnology 21 (2), 64-69, 2003
Discrete logic modelling as a means to link protein signalling networks with functional analysis of mammalian signal transduction
J Saez‐Rodriguez, LG Alexopoulos, J Epperlein, R Samaga, ...
Molecular systems biology 5 (1), 2009
A logical model provides insights into T cell receptor signaling
J Saez-Rodriguez, L Simeoni, JA Lindquist, R Hemenway, U Bommhardt, ...
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Hypergraphs and cellular networks
S Klamt, UU Haus, F Theis
PLoS computational biology 5 (5), e1000385, 2009
Computation of elementary modes: a unifying framework and the new binary approach
J Gagneur, S Klamt
BMC bioinformatics 5 (1), 175, 2004
Minimal cut sets in biochemical reaction networks
S Klamt, ED Gilles
Bioinformatics 20 (2), 226-234, 2004
FluxAnalyzer: exploring structure, pathways, and flux distributions in metabolic networks on interactive flux maps
S Klamt, J Stelling, M Ginkel, ED Gilles
Bioinformatics 19 (2), 261-269, 2003
Combinatorial complexity of pathway analysis in metabolic networks
S Klamt, J Stelling
Molecular biology reports 29 (1-2), 233-236, 2002
GSMN-TB: a web-based genome-scale network model of Mycobacterium tuberculosis metabolism
DJV Beste, T Hooper, G Stewart, B Bonde, C Avignone-Rossa, ...
Genome biology 8 (5), R89, 2007
Transforming Boolean models to continuous models: methodology and application to T-cell receptor signaling
DM Wittmann, J Krumsiek, J Saez-Rodriguez, DA Lauffenburger, S Klamt, ...
BMC systems biology 3 (1), 98, 2009
The logic of EGFR/ErbB signaling: theoretical properties and analysis of high-throughput data
R Samaga, J Saez-Rodriguez, LG Alexopoulos, PK Sorger, S Klamt
PLoS computational biology 5 (8), e1000438, 2009
Calculability analysis in underdetermined metabolic networks illustrated by a model of the central metabolism in purple nonsulfur bacteria
S Klamt, S Schuster, ED Gilles
Biotechnology and Bioengineering 77 (7), 734-751, 2002
Generalized concept of minimal cut sets in biochemical networks
S Klamt
Biosystems 83 (2-3), 233-247, 2006
Algorithmic approaches for computing elementary modes in large biochemical reaction networks
S Klamt, J Gagneur, A von Kamp
IEE Proceedings-Systems Biology 152 (4), 249-255, 2005
SBML qualitative models: a model representation format and infrastructure to foster interactions between qualitative modelling formalisms and tools
C Chaouiya, D Bérenguier, SM Keating, A Naldi, MP Van Iersel, ...
BMC systems biology 7 (1), 135, 2013
Use of network analysis of metabolic systems in bioengineering
S Schuster, S Klamt, W Weckwerth, F Moldenhauer, T Pfeiffer
Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering 24 (6), 363-372, 2002
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