Harshawardhan Wanare
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Controlling optical bistability using electromagnetic-field-induced transparency and quantum interferences
W Harshawardhan, GS Agarwal
Physical Review A 53 (3), 1812, 1996
Inhibition and enhancement of two photon absorption
GS Agarwal, W Harshawardhan
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GS Agarwal, W Harshawardhan
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W Harshawardhan, GS Agarwal
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Coherently controlling metamaterials
S Chakrabarti, SA Ramakrishna, H Wanare
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Characterization of a fiber optic liquid refractive index sensor
A Mukherjee, D Munsi, V Saxena, R Rajput, P Tewari, V Singh, AK Ghosh, ...
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W Harshawardhan, GS Agarwal
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Multicolored Coherent Population Trapping in a Λ System Using Phase Modulated Fields
H Wanare
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Angular lens
R Sahu, S Chaudhary, K Khare, M Bhattacharya, H Wanare, AK Jha
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Negative and positive hysteresis in double-cavity optical bistability in a three-level atom
HA Babu, H Wanare
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Numerical solution of the time-dependent Maxwell’s equations for random dielectric media
W Harshawardhan, Q Su, R Grobe
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Nonlinear dynamics of double-cavity optical bistability of a three-level ladder system
HA Babu, H Wanare
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Why do superluminal pulses become subluminal once they go far enough?
L Nanda, H Wanare, SA Ramakrishna
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S Aarav, A Bhattacharjee, H Wanare, AK Jha
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Near singular-phase optical biosensing with strongly coupled modes of a plasmonic–photonic trimer
NK Gupta, AK Tiwari, H Wanare, SA Ramakrishna
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Gain without population inversion in V-type systems driven by a frequency-modulated field
H Wanare
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Nonlinear magneto-optic and self-polarization rotation by superposition of states
S Pradhan, A Kani, H Wanare, R Behera, AK Das
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P Gupta, SA Ramakrishna, H Wanare
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S Chakrabarti, SA Ramakrishna, H Wanare
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Magic frequency enabled by quantum interference for a dual atomic device
S Pradhan, A Kani, H Wanare, S Mishra, AK Das
Journal of Physics B: Atomic Molecular and Optical Physics 48 (7), 075502, 2015
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