Alex Glocer
Alex Glocer
Research Astrophysicist, NASA/GSFC
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Adaptive numerical algorithms in space weather modeling
G Tóth, B Van der Holst, IV Sokolov, DL De Zeeuw, TI Gombosi, F Fang, ...
Journal of Computational Physics 231 (3), 870-903, 2012
Prebiotic chemistry and atmospheric warming of early Earth by an active young Sun
VS Airapetian, A Glocer, G Gronoff, E Hebrard, W Danchi
Nature Geoscience 9 (6), 452-455, 2016
How hospitable are space weather affected habitable zones? The role of ion escape
VS Airapetian, A Glocer, GV Khazanov, ROP Loyd, K France, J Sojka, ...
The Astrophysical Journal Letters 836 (1), L3, 2017
Modeling ionospheric outflows and their impact on the magnetosphere, initial results
A Glocer, G Tóth, T Gombosi, D Welling
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Impact of space weather on climate and habitability of terrestrial-type exoplanets
VS Airapetian, R Barnes, O Cohen, GA Collinson, WC Danchi, CF Dong, ...
International Journal of Astrobiology 19 (2), 136-194, 2020
Multifluid block‐adaptive‐tree solar wind roe‐type upwind scheme: Magnetospheric composition and dynamics during geomagnetic storms—Initial results
A Glocer, G Tóth, Y Ma, T Gombosi, JC Zhang, LM Kistler
Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics 114 (A12), 2009
Magnetospheric structure and atmospheric Joule heating of habitable planets orbiting M-dwarf stars
O Cohen, JJ Drake, A Glocer, C Garraffo, K Poppenhaeger, JM Bell, ...
The Astrophysical Journal 790 (1), 57, 2014
On the magnetic protection of the atmosphere of Proxima Centauri b
K Garcia-Sage, A Glocer, JJ Drake, G Gronoff, O Cohen
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The comprehensive inner magnetosphere‐ionosphere model
MC Fok, NY Buzulukova, SH Chen, A Glocer, T Nagai, P Valek, JD Perez
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Extended magnetohydrodynamics with embedded particle‐in‐cell simulation of Ganymede's magnetosphere
G Tóth, X Jia, S Markidis, IB Peng, Y Chen, LKS Daldorff, VM Tenishev, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics 121 (2), 1273-1293, 2016
Simulation of the 23 July 2012 extreme space weather event: What if this extremely rare CME was Earth directed?
CM Ngwira, A Pulkkinen, M Leila Mays, MM Kuznetsova, AB Galvin, ...
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Geospace environment modeling 2008–2009 challenge: Dst index
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Modeling extreme “Carrington‐type” space weather events using three‐dimensional global MHD simulations
CM Ngwira, A Pulkkinen, MM Kuznetsova, A Glocer
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Atmospheric escape processes and planetary atmospheric evolution
G Gronoff, P Arras, S Baraka, JM Bell, G Cessateur, O Cohen, SM Curry, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics 125 (8), e2019JA027639, 2020
CRCM+ BATS‒R‒US two‒way coupling
A Glocer, M Fok, X Meng, G Toth, N Buzulukova, S Chen, K Lin
Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics 118 (4), 1635-1650, 2013
The interaction of Venus-like, M-dwarf planets with the stellar wind of their host star
O Cohen, Y Ma, JJ Drake, A Glocer, C Garraffo, JM Bell, TI Gombosi
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Recent developments in the radiation belt environment model
MC Fok, A Glocer, Q Zheng, RB Horne, NP Meredith, JM Albert, T Nagai
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The effects of dynamic ionospheric outflow on the ring current
DT Welling, VK Jordanova, SG Zaharia, A Glocer, G Toth
Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics 116 (A2), 2011
Modeling solar zenith angle effects on the polar wind
A Glocer, N Kitamura, G Toth, T Gombosi
Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics 117 (A4), 2012
Magnetosphere‐ionosphere energy interchange in the electron diffuse aurora
GV Khazanov, A Glocer, EW Himwich
Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics 119 (1), 171-184, 2014
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