John B. Baumgartner
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Predicting species distributions for conservation decisions
A Guisan, R Tingley, JB Baumgartner, I Naujokaitis‐Lewis, PR Sutcliffe, ...
Ecology Letters 16 (12), 1424-1435, 2013
Detecting extinction risk from climate change by IUCN Red List criteria
DA Keith, M Mahony, H Hines, J Elith, TJ Regan, JB Baumgartner, ...
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A Bayesian model of metapopulation viability, with application to an endangered amphibian
GW Heard, MA McCarthy, MP Scroggie, JB Baumgartner, KM Parris
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Which species distribution models are more (or less) likely to project broad-scale, climate-induced shifts in species ranges?
LJ Beaumont, E Graham, DE Duursma, PD Wilson, A Cabrelli, ...
Ecological Modelling 342, 135-146, 2016
Sex in troubled waters: Widespread agricultural contaminant disrupts reproductive behaviour in fish
MG Bertram, M Saaristo, JB Baumgartner, CP Johnstone, M Allinson, ...
Hormones and Behavior 70, 85-91, 2015
taxize: Taxonomic information from around the web
S Chamberlain, E Szoecs, Z Foster, Z Arendsee, C Boettiger, K Ram, ...
R package version 0.3. 0, 2014
Potential impacts of climate change on habitat suitability for the Queensland fruit fly
S Sultana, JB Baumgartner, BC Dominiak, JE Royer, LJ Beaumont
Scientific Reports 7, 2017
Disentangling the four demographic dimensions of species invasiveness
JA Catford, JB Baumgartner, PA Vesk, M White, YM Buckley, ...
Journal of Ecology 104 (6), 1745-1758, 2016
Influence of adaptive capacity on the outcome of climate change vulnerability assessment
BY Ofori, AJ Stow, JB Baumgartner, LJ Beaumont
Scientific Reports 7, 2017
Climate, soil or both? Which variables are better predictors of the distributions of Australian shrub species?
LJ Hageer, Yasmin and Esperón-Rodríguez, Manuel and Baumgartner, John B. and ...
PeerJ 5, e3446, 2017
The antidepressant fluoxetine alters mechanisms of pre- and post-copulatory sexual selection in the eastern mosquitofish (Gambusia holbrooki)
MG Bertram, TE Ecker, BBM Wong, MK O'Bryan, JB Baumgartner, ...
Environmental Pollution 238, 238-247, 2018
Conservation prioritization can resolve the flagship species conundrum
J McGowan, LJ Beaumont, RJ Smith, ALM Chauvenet, R Harcourt, ...
Nature communications 11 (1), 1-7, 2020
Substantial declines in urban tree habitat predicted under climate change
H Burley, LJ Beaumont, A Ossola, JB Baumgartner, R Gallagher, S Laffan, ...
Science of the Total Environment 685, 451-462, 2019
Identifying in situ climate refugia for plant species
JB Baumgartner, M Esperón‐Rodríguez, LJ Beaumont
Ecography, 2018
Incorporating future climate uncertainty into the identification of climate change refugia for threatened species
LJ Beaumont, M Esperón-Rodríguez, DA Nipperess, ...
Biological Conservation 237, 230-237, 2019
Prioritizing the protection of climate refugia: designing a climate-ready protected area network
V Graham, JB Baumgartner, LJ Beaumont, M Esperón-Rodríguez, ...
Journal of Environmental Planning and Management 62 (14), 2588-2606, 2019
ENMTools (Software Package)
DL Warren, N Matzke, M Cardillo, J Baumgartner, L Beaumont, N Huron, ...
URL: https://github. com/danlwarren/ENMTools. doi 10, 2019
A global spatially explicit database of changes in island palaeo‐area and archipelago configuration during the late Quaternary
SJ Norder, JB Baumgartner, PAV Borges, T Hengl, WD Kissling, ...
Global Ecology and Biogeography, 2018
Impacts of climate change on high priority fruit fly species in Australia
S Sultana, JB Baumgartner, BC Dominiak, JE Royer, LJ Beaumont
PloS one 15 (2), e0213820, 2020
Combining dispersal, landscape connectivity and habitat suitability to assess climate-induced changes in the distribution of Cunningham’s skink, Egernia cunninghami
BY Ofori, AJ Stow, JB Baumgartner, LJ Beaumont
PloS one 12 (9), e0184193, 2017
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