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Navigating the multiple meanings of β diversity: a roadmap for the practicing ecologist
MJ Anderson, TO Crist, JM Chase, M Vellend, BD Inouye, AL Freestone, ...
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Quantifying community assembly processes and identifying features that impose them
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Stochastic and deterministic assembly processes in subsurface microbial communities
JC Stegen, X Lin, AE Konopka, JK Fredrickson
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TRY plant trait database–enhanced coverage and open access
J Kattge, G Bönisch, S Díaz, S Lavorel, IC Prentice, P Leadley, ...
Global change biology 26 (1), 119-188, 2020
Disentangling mechanisms that mediate the balance between stochastic and deterministic processes in microbial succession
F Dini-Andreote, JC Stegen, JD Van Elsas, JF Salles
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (11), E1326-E1332, 2015
Disentangling the drivers of β diversity along latitudinal and elevational gradients
NJB Kraft, LS Comita, JM Chase, NJ Sanders, NG Swenson, TO Crist, ...
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Soil pH mediates the balance between stochastic and deterministic assembly of bacteria
BM Tripathi, JC Stegen, M Kim, K Dong, JM Adams, YK Lee
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Estimating and mapping ecological processes influencing microbial community assembly
JC Stegen, X Lin, JK Fredrickson, AE Konopka
Frontiers in microbiology 6, 370, 2015
The gut microbiota of rural papua new guineans: composition, diversity patterns, and ecological processes
I Martínez, JC Stegen, MX Maldonado-Gómez, AM Eren, PM Siba, ...
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Phylogenetic beta diversity in bacterial assemblages across ecosystems: deterministic versus stochastic processes
J Wang, JI Shen, Y Wu, C Tu, J Soininen, JC Stegen, J He, X Liu, L Zhang, ...
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Groundwater–surface water mixing shifts ecological assembly processes and stimulates organic carbon turnover
JC Stegen, JK Fredrickson, MJ Wilkins, AE Konopka, WC Nelson, ...
Nature communications 7 (1), 11237, 2016
The biogeography and filtering of woody plant functional diversity in North and South America
NG Swenson, BJ Enquist, J Pither, AJ Kerkhoff, B Boyle, MD Weiser, ...
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Variation in above‐ground forest biomass across broad climatic gradients
JC Stegen, NG Swenson, BJ Enquist, EP White, OL Phillips, ...
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The reduced genomes of Parcubacteria (OD1) contain signatures of a symbiotic lifestyle
WC Nelson, JC Stegen
Frontiers in microbiology 6, 713, 2015
Temporal turnover in the composition of tropical tree communities: functional determinism and phylogenetic stochasticity
NG Swenson, JC Stegen, SJ Davies, DL Erickson, J Forero-Montaña, ...
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Testing the metabolic theory of ecology
CA Price, JS Weitz, VM Savage, J Stegen, A Clarke, DA Coomes, ...
Ecology letters 15 (12), 1465-1474, 2012
Putting plant resistance traits on the map: a test of the idea that plants are better defended at lower latitudes
AT Moles, IR Wallis, WJ Foley, DI Warton, JC Stegen, AJ Bisigato, ...
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Stochastic and deterministic drivers of spatial and temporal turnover in breeding bird communities
JC Stegen, AL Freestone, TO Crist, MJ Anderson, JM Chase, LS Comita, ...
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Two key features influencing community assembly processes at regional scale: initial state and degree of change in environmental conditions
Y Feng, R Chen, JC Stegen, Z Guo, J Zhang, Z Li, X Lin
Molecular ecology 27 (24), 5238-5251, 2018
Correlations between physical and chemical defences in plants: tradeoffs, syndromes, or just many different ways to skin a herbivorous cat?
AT Moles, B Peco, IR Wallis, WJ Foley, AGB Poore, EW Seabloom, ...
New Phytologist 198 (1), 252-263, 2013
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