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Genetic history from the Middle Neolithic to present on the Mediterranean island of Sardinia
JH Marcus, C Posth, H Ringbauer, L Lai, R Skeates, C Sidore, J Beckett, ...
Nature communications 11 (1), 939, 2020
Parental relatedness through time revealed by runs of homozygosity in ancient DNA
H Ringbauer, J Novembre, M Steinrücken
Nature communications 12 (1), 5425, 2021
A genetic history of the pre-contact Caribbean
DM Fernandes, KA Sirak, H Ringbauer, J Sedig, N Rohland, O Cheronet, ...
Nature 590 (7844), 103-110, 2021
Large-scale migration into Britain during the Middle to Late Bronze Age
N Patterson, M Isakov, T Booth, L Büster, CE Fischer, I Olalde, ...
Nature 601 (7894), 588-594, 2022
Inferring recent demography from isolation by distance of long shared sequence blocks
H Ringbauer, G Coop, NH Barton
Genetics 205 (3), 1335-1351, 2017
Estimating barriers to gene flow from distorted isolation-by-distance patterns
H Ringbauer, A Kolesnikov, DL Field, NH Barton
Genetics 208 (3), 1231-1245, 2018
Ancient genomes from the Himalayas illuminate the genetic history of Tibetans and their Tibeto-Burman speaking neighbors
CC Liu, D Witonsky, A Gosling, JH Lee, H Ringbauer, R Hagan, N Patel, ...
Nature communications 13 (1), 1203, 2022
Genome-wide analysis of nearly all the victims of a 6200 year old massacre
M Novak, I Olalde, H Ringbauer, N Rohland, J Ahern, J Balen, I Janković, ...
Plos one 16 (3), e0247332, 2021
The genomic history and global expansion of domestic donkeys
ET Todd, L Tonasso-Calvière, L Chauvey, S Schiavinato, A Fages, ...
Science 377 (6611), 1172-1180, 2022
Can secondary contact following range expansion be distinguished from barriers to gene flow?
J Bertl, H Ringbauer, MGB Blum
PeerJ 6, e5325, 2018
An Extended Admixture Pulse Model Reveals the Limitations to Human–Neandertal Introgression Dating
LNM Iasi, H Ringbauer, BM Peter
Molecular Biology and Evolution 38 (11), 5156-5174, 2021
Genome-wide data from medieval German Jews show that the Ashkenazi founder event pre-dated the 14th century
S Waldman, D Backenroth, É Harney, S Flohr, NC Neff, GM Buckley, ...
Cell 185 (25), 4703-4716. e16, 2022
The diverse genetic origins of a Classical period Greek army
LJ Reitsema, A Mittnik, B Kyle, G Catalano, PF Fabbri, ACS Kazmi, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 119 (41), e2205272119, 2022
Social stratification without genetic differentiation at the site of Kulubnarti in Christian Period Nubia
KA Sirak, DM Fernandes, M Lipson, S Mallick, M Mah, I Olalde, ...
Nature Communications 12 (1), 7283, 2021
Increased rate of close-kin unions in the central Andes in the half millennium before European contact
H Ringbauer, M Steinrücken, L Fehren-Schmitz, D Reich
Current Biology 30 (17), R980-R981, 2020
Palaeogenomics of Upper Palaeolithic to Neolithic European hunter-gatherers
C Posth, H Yu, A Ghalichi, H Rougier, I Crevecoeur, Y Huang, ...
Nature 615 (7950), 117-126, 2023
Reconstructing genetic histories and social organisation in Neolithic and Bronze Age Croatia
S Freilich, H Ringbauer, D Los, M Novak, DT Pavičić, S Schiffels, ...
Scientific Reports 11 (1), 16729, 2021
Genetic history from the Middle Neolithic to present on the Mediterranean island of Sardinia. Nat. Commun. 11, 939
JH Marcus, C Posth, H Ringbauer, L Lai, R Skeates, C Sidore
hapCon: estimating contamination of ancient genomes by copying from reference haplotypes
Y Huang, H Ringbauer
Bioinformatics 38 (15), 3768-3777, 2022
Ancient DNA reveals admixture history and endogamy in the prehistoric Aegean
E Skourtanioti, H Ringbauer, GA Gnecchi Ruscone, RA Bianco, M Burri, ...
Nature Ecology & Evolution, 1-14, 2023
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