Jon Goldwin
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Observation of heteronuclear Feshbach resonances in a mixture of bosons and fermions
S Inouye, J Goldwin, ML Olsen, C Ticknor, JL Bohn, DS Jin
Physical review letters 93 (18), 183201, 2004
AEDGE: atomic experiment for dark matter and gravity exploration in space
YA El-Neaj, C Alpigiani, S Amairi-Pyka, H Araújo, A Balaž, A Bassi, ...
EPJ Quantum Technology 7 (1), 1-27, 2020
Atom detection and photon production in a scalable, open, optical microcavity
M Trupke, J Goldwin, B Darquié, G Dutier, S Eriksson, J Ashmore, ...
Physical review letters 99 (6), 063601, 2007
Measurement of the interaction strength in a Bose-Fermi mixture with Rb 87 and K 40
J Goldwin, S Inouye, ML Olsen, B Newman, BD DePaola, DS Jin
Physical Review A 70 (2), 021601, 2004
Two-species magneto-optical trap with 40 K and 87 Rb
J Goldwin, SB Papp, B DeMarco, DS Jin
Physical Review A 65 (2), 021402, 2002
Avalanche-mechanism loss at an atom-molecule Efimov resonance
MG Hu, RS Bloom, DS Jin, JM Goldwin
Physical Review A 90 (1), 013619, 2014
Sub-Doppler modulation spectroscopy of potassium for laser stabilization
L Mudarikwa, K Pahwa, J Goldwin
Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 45 (6), 065002, 2012
Polarization spectroscopy and magnetically-induced dichroism of the potassium D2 lines
K Pahwa, L Mudarikwa, J Goldwin
Optics express 20 (16), 17456-17466, 2012
Observing coherence effects in an overdamped quantum system
YH Lien, G Barontini, M Scheucher, M Mergenthaler, J Goldwin, EA Hinds
Nature Communications 7 (1), 13933, 2016
Collective strong coupling of cold potassium atoms in a ring cavity
R Culver, A Lampis, B Megyeri, K Pahwa, L Mudarikwa, M Holynski, ...
New Journal of Physics 18 (11), 113043, 2016
Quantum degeneracy and interactions in the 87Rb-40K Bose-Fermi mixture
JM Goldwin
University of Colorado, 2005
Cross-dimensional relaxation in Bose-Fermi mixtures
J Goldwin, S Inouye, ML Olsen, DS Jin
Physical Review A 71 (4), 043408, 2005
Fast cavity-enhanced atom detection with low noise and high fidelity
J Goldwin, M Trupke, J Kenner, A Ratnapala, EA Hinds
Nature communications 2 (1), 418, 2011
Coherent control of group index and magneto-optical anisotropy in a multilevel atomic vapor
A Lampis, R Culver, B Megyeri, J Goldwin
Optics Express 24 (14), 15494-15505, 2016
Directional bistability and nonreciprocal lasing with cold atoms in a ring cavity
B Megyeri, G Harvie, A Lampis, J Goldwin
Physical review letters 121 (16), 163603, 2018
Measuring the stability of fundamental constants with a network of clocks
G Barontini, L Blackburn, V Boyer, F Butuc-Mayer, X Calmet, ...
EPJ Quantum Technology 9 (1), 12, 2022
Backaction-driven transport of Bloch oscillating atoms in ring cavities
J Goldwin, BP Venkatesh, DHJ O’Dell
Physical Review Letters 113 (7), 073003, 2014
Cold atoms in space: community workshop summary and proposed road-map
I Alonso, C Alpigiani, B Altschul, H Araújo, G Arduini, J Arlt, L Badurina, ...
EPJ Quantum Technology 9 (1), 1-55, 2022
Tight focusing of plane waves from micro-fabricated spherical mirrors
J Goldwin, EA Hinds
Optics Express 16 (22), 17808-17816, 2008
An optomechanical elevator: Transport of a Bloch oscillating Bose–Einstein condensate up and down an optical lattice by cavity sideband amplification and cooling
B Prasanna Venkatesh, DHJ O’Dell, J Goldwin
Atoms 4 (1), 2, 2015
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