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Jae Bok Seol
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Influence of carbon content on the microstructure, martensitic transformation and mechanical properties in austenite/ε-martensite dual-phase Fe–Mn–C steels
JB Seol, JE Jung, YW Jang, CG Park
Acta materialia 61 (2), 558-578, 2013
Alloy design, combinatorial synthesis, and microstructure–property relations for low-density Fe-Mn-Al-C austenitic steels
D Raabe, H Springer, I Gutiérrez-Urrutia, F Roters, M Bausch, JB Seol, ...
Jom 66 (9), 1845-1856, 2014
Direct evidence for the formation of ordered carbides in a ferrite-based low-density Fe–Mn–Al–C alloy studied by transmission electron microscopy and atom probe tomography
JB Seol, D Raabe, P Choi, HS Park, JH Kwak, CG Park
Scripta Materialia 68 (6), 348-353, 2013
Boron doped ultrastrong and ductile high-entropy alloys
JB Seol, JW Bae, Z Li, JC Han, JG Kim, D Raabe, HS Kim
Acta Materialia 151, 366-376, 2018
Atomic scale effects of alloying, partitioning, solute drag and austempering on the mechanical properties of high-carbon bainitic–austenitic TRIP steels
JB Seol, D Raabe, PP Choi, YR Im, CG Park
Acta Materialia 60 (17), 6183-6199, 2012
Exceptional phase-transformation strengthening of ferrous medium-entropy alloys at cryogenic temperatures
JW Bae, JB Seol, J Moon, SS Sohn, MJ Jang, HY Um, BJ Lee, HS Kim
Acta Materialia 161, 388-399, 2018
Combined atom probe tomography and density functional theory investigation of the Al off-stoichiometry of κ-carbides in an austenitic Fe–Mn–Al–C low density steel
MJ Yao, P Dey, JB Seol, P Choi, M Herbig, RKW Marceau, T Hickel, ...
Acta Materialia 106, 229-238, 2016
Nano-scale observation on the transformation behavior and mechanical stability of individual retained austenite in CMnSiAl TRIP steels
HS Park, JC Han, NS Lim, JB Seol, CG Park
Materials Science and Engineering: A 627, 262-269, 2015
Three-dimensional characterization of bainitic microstructures in low-carbon high-strength low-alloy steel studied by electron backscatter diffraction
JS Kang, JB Seol, CG Park
Materials characterization 79, 110-121, 2013
Atom probe tomography and nano secondary ion mass spectroscopy investigation of the segregation of boron at austenite grain boundaries in 0.5 wt.% carbon steels
JB Seol, NS Lim, BH Lee, L Renaud, CG Park
Metals and Materials International 17 (3), 413-416, 2011
Effect of the rolling speed on microstructural and mechanical properties of aluminum–magnesium alloys prepared by twin roll casting
S Das, NS Lim, JB Seol, HW Kim, CG Park
Materials & design 31 (3), 1633-1638, 2010
Core-shell nanoparticle arrays double the strength of steel
JB Seol, SH Na, B Gault, JE Kim, JC Han, CG Park, D Raabe
Scientific reports 7 (1), 1-9, 2017
Study of the decomposition behavior of retained austenite and the partitioning of alloying elements during tempering in CMnSiAl TRIP steels
HS Park, JB Seol, NS Lim, SI Kim, CG Park
Materials & Design 82, 173-180, 2015
Nanometer‐Scale Phase Transformation Determines Threshold and Memory Switching Mechanism
BG Chae, JB Seol, JH Song, K Baek, SH Oh, H Hwang, CG Park
Advanced materials 29 (30), 1701752, 2017
Superior strength and multiple strengthening mechanisms in nanocrystalline TWIP steel
JG Kim, NA Enikeev, JB Seol, MM Abramova, MV Karavaeva, RZ Valiev, ...
Scientific reports 8 (1), 1-10, 2018
Atomically resolved cementite dissolution governed by the strain state in pearlite steel wires
CW Bang, JB Seol, YS Yang, CG Park
Scripta Materialia 108, 151-155, 2015
Deformation rate controls atomic-scale dynamic strain aging and phase transformation in high Mn TRIP steels
JB Seol, JG Kim, SH Na, CG Park, HS Kim
Acta Materialia 131, 187-196, 2017
Influences of interstitial and extrusion temperature on grain boundary segregation, Y− Ti− O nanofeatures, and mechanical properties of ferritic steels
JB Seol, D Haley, DT Hoelzer, JH Kim
Acta Materialia 153, 71-85, 2018
Effects of phase composition and elemental partitioning on soft magnetic properties of AlFeCoCrMn high entropy alloys
C Jung, K Kang, A Marshal, KG Pradeep, JB Seol, HM Lee, PP Choi
Acta Materialia 171, 31-39, 2019
Short-range order strengthening in boron-doped high-entropy alloys for cryogenic applications
JB Seol, JW Bae, JG Kim, H Sung, Z Li, HH Lee, SH Shim, JH Jang, ...
Acta Materialia 194, 366-377, 2020
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