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Mechanical properties of nanoscopic lipid domains
JD Nickels, X Cheng, B Mostofian, C Stanley, B Lindner, FA Heberle, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 137 (50), 15772-15780, 2015
Cosolvent pretreatment in cellulosic biofuel production: effect of tetrahydrofuran-water on lignin structure and dynamics
MD Smith, B Mostofian, X Cheng, L Petridis, CM Cai, CE Wyman, ...
Green Chemistry 18 (5), 1268-1277, 2016
Simulation of a cellulose fiber in ionic liquid suggests a synergistic approach to dissolution
B Mostofian, JC Smith, X Cheng
Cellulose 21 (2), 983-997, 2014
Local phase separation of co-solvents enhances pretreatment of biomass for bioenergy applications
B Mostofian, CM Cai, MD Smith, L Petridis, X Cheng, CE Wyman, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 138 (34), 10869-10878, 2016
Interactions between ether phospholipids and cholesterol as determined by scattering and molecular dynamics simulations
J Pan, X Cheng, FA Heberle, B Mostofian, N Kučerka, P Drazba, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 116 (51), 14829-14838, 2012
Replica-exchange molecular dynamics simulations of cellulose solvated in water and in the ionic liquid 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium chloride
B Mostofian, X Cheng, JC Smith
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 118 (38), 11037-11049, 2014
The solvation structures of cellulose microfibrils in ionic liquids
B Mostofian, JC Smith, X Cheng
Interdisciplinary Sciences: Computational Life Sciences 3 (4), 308-320, 2011
Molecular driving forces behind the tetrahydrofuran–water miscibility gap
MD Smith, B Mostofian, L Petridis, X Cheng, JC Smith
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 120 (4), 740-747, 2016
Organosolv-water cosolvent phase separation on cellulose and its influence on the physical deconstruction of cellulose: a molecular dynamics analysis
MD Smith, X Cheng, L Petridis, B Mostofian, JC Smith
Scientific reports 7 (1), 1-9, 2017
Bacillus subtilis Lipid Extract, A Branched-Chain Fatty Acid Model Membrane
JD Nickels, S Chatterjee, B Mostofian, CB Stanley, M Ohl, P Zolnierczuk, ...
The journal of physical chemistry letters 8 (17), 4214-4217, 2017
Structural relaxation, viscosity, and network connectivity in a hydrogen bonding liquid
S Perticaroli, B Mostofian, G Ehlers, JC Neuefeind, SO Diallo, CB Stanley, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 19 (38), 25859-25869, 2017
Enhanced sampling simulation analysis of the structure of lignin in the THF–water miscibility gap
MD Smith, L Petridis, X Cheng, B Mostofian, JC Smith
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 18 (9), 6394-6398, 2016
Supramolecular self assembly of nanodrill-like structures for intracellular delivery
N Ashwanikumar, JS Plaut, B Mostofian, S Patel, P Kwak, C Sun, ...
Journal of Controlled Release 282, 76-89, 2018
A Multifunctional cosolvent pair reveals molecular principles of biomass deconstruction
AS Patri, B Mostofian, Y Pu, N Ciaffone, M Soliman, MD Smith, R Kumar, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 141 (32), 12545-12557, 2019
Statistical uncertainty analysis for small-sample, high log-variance data: Cautions for bootstrapping and Bayesian bootstrapping
B Mostofian, DM Zuckerman
Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 15 (6), 3499-3509, 2019
Dynamics of water in the amphiphilic pore of amyloid β fibrils
PK GhattyVenkataKrishna, B Mostofian
Chemical Physics Letters 582, 1-5, 2013
Computational Estimation of Microsecond to Second Atomistic Folding Times
U Adhikari, B Mostofian, J Copperman, SR Subramanian, A Petersen, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 141 (16), 6519-6526, 2019
Effects of carotenoids on lipid bilayers
QR Johnson, B Mostofian, GF Gomez, JC Smith, X Cheng
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 20 (5), 3795-3804, 2018
High-throughput single-particle tracking reveals nested membrane domains that dictate KRasG12D diffusion and trafficking
Y Lee, C Phelps, T Huang, B Mostofian, L Wu, Y Zhang, K Tao, YH Chang, ...
eLife 8, e46393, 2019
Basic Principles in Molecular Modeling
B Mostofian, F Frank
Bachelor Thesis, University of Heidelberg, 2004
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