Jan Hendrik Bredehöft
Jan Hendrik Bredehöft
Institute for Applied and Physical Chemistry, University of Bremen
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Organic compounds on comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko revealed by COSAC mass spectrometry
F Goesmann, H Rosenbauer, JH Bredehöft, M Cabane, P Ehrenfreund, ...
Science 349 (6247), aab0689, 2015
What makes a planet habitable?
H Lammer, JH Bredehöft, A Coustenis, ML Khodachenko, L Kaltenegger, ...
The Astronomy and Astrophysics Review 17 (2), 181-249, 2009
Identification of diamino acids in the Murchison meteorite
UJ Meierhenrich, GMM Caro, JH Bredehöft, EK Jessberger, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 101 (25), 9182-9186, 2004
Asymmetric vacuum UV photolysis of the amino acid leucine in the solid state
UJ Meierhenrich, L Nahon, C Alcaraz, JH Bredehöft, SV Hoffmann, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 44 (35), 5630-5634, 2005
Water-rich planets: how habitable is a water layer deeper than on Earth?
L Noack, D Höning, A Rivoldini, C Heistracher, N Zimov, B Journaux, ...
Icarus 277, 215-236, 2016
Urea, glycolic acid, and glycerol in an organic residue produced by ultraviolet irradiation of interstellar/pre-cometary ice analogs
M Nuevo, JH Bredehöft, UJ Meierhenrich, L d'Hendecourt, ...
Astrobiology 10 (2), 245-256, 2010
Circular Dichroism of Amino Acids in the Vacuum‐Ultraviolet Region
UJ Meierhenrich, JJ Filippi, C Meinert, JH Bredehöft, J Takahashi, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 49 (42), 7799-7802, 2010
The effects of circularly polarized light on amino acid enantiomers produced by the UV irradiation of interstellar ice analogs
M Nuevo, UJ Meierhenrich, GM Muñoz Caro, E Dartois, L d'Hendecourt, ...
Astronomy and astrophysics 457 (3), 741-751, 2006
Photochirogenesis: photochemical models on the absolute asymmetric formation of amino acids in interstellar space
C Meinert, P De Marcellus, L Le Sergeant dʼHendecourt, L Nahon, ...
Physics of life reviews 8 (3), 307-330, 2011
Anisotropy Spectra of Amino Acids
C Meinert, JH Bredehöft, JJ Filippi, Y Baraud, L Nahon, F Wien, NC Jones, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 51 (18), 4484-4487, 2012
Enantiomeric separation of complex organic molecules produced from irradiation of interstellar/circumstellar ice analogs
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Photolysis of rac‐Leucine with Circularly Polarized Synchrotron Radiation
UJ Meierhenrich, JJ Filippi, C Meinert, SV Hoffmann, JH Bredehöft, ...
Chemistry & biodiversity 7 (6), 1651-1659, 2010
COSAC prepares for sampling and in situ analysis of cometary matter from comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko
F Goesmann, F Raulin, JH Bredehöft, M Cabane, P Ehrenfreund, ...
Planetary and Space Science 103, 318-330, 2014
Understanding Photochirogenesis: Solvent Effects on Circular Dichroism and Anisotropy Spectroscopy
JH Bredehöft, NC Jones, C Meinert, AC Evans, SV Hoffmann, ...
Chirality 26 (8), 373-378, 2014
Functionalization of a Self-Assembled Monolayer Driven by Low-Energy Electron Exposure
T Hamann, L Kankate, E Böhler, JH Bredehöft, FM Zhang, ...
Langmuir 28 (1), 367-376, 2011
Photochirogenesis: Photochemical models on the origin of biomolecular homochirality
C Meinert, JJ Filippi, L Nahon, SV Hoffmann, L d’Hendecourt, ...
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Low-Energy Electron-Induced Hydroamination Reactions between Different Amines and Olefins
E Böhler, JH Bredehöft, P Swiderek
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118 (13), 6922-6933, 2014
Asymmetrische Vakuum‐UV‐Photolyse der Aminosäure Leucin in fester Phase
UJ Meierhenrich, L Nahon, C Alcaraz, JH Bredehöft, SV Hoffmann, ...
Angewandte Chemie 117 (35), 5774-5779, 2005
Electron-induced reactions of MeCpPtMe3 investigated by HREELS
MN Hedhili, JH Bredehöft, P Swiderek
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 113 (30), 13282-13286, 2009
Electron-Induced Synthesis of Formamide in Condensed Mixtures of Carbon Monoxide and Ammonia
JH Bredehöft, E Böhler, F Schmidt, T Borrmann, P Swiderek
ACS Earth and Space Chemistry 1 (1), 50-59, 2017
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