Kouki Akaike
Kouki Akaike
Nanomaterials Research Institute, AIST
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Metal-intercalated aromatic hydrocarbons: a new class of carbon-based superconductors
Y Kubozono, H Mitamura, X Lee, X He, Y Yamanari, Y Takahashi, ...
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Characterizing electronic structure near the energy gap of graphitic carbon nitride based on rational interpretation of chemical analysis
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Advanced understanding on electronic structure of molecular semiconductors and their interfaces
K Akaike
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O2-exposure and light-irradiation properties of picene thin film field-effect transistor: A new way toward O2 gas sensor
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Influence of side chain of [6,6]-phenyl--butyric acid methyl ester on interfacial electronic structure of [6,6]-phenyl--butyric acid methyl ester /Ag substrate
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Applied Physics Letters 94 (4), 28, 2009
Unoccupied states in copper phthalocyanine/fullerene blended films determined by inverse photoemission spectroscopy
K Akaike, A Opitz, J Wagner, W Brütting, K Kanai, Y Ouchi, K Seki
Organic Electronics 11 (11), 1853-1857, 2010
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