Nadia Balucani
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Formation of complex organic molecules in cold objects: the role of gas-phase reactions
N Balucani, C Ceccarelli, V Taquet
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society: Letters 449 (1), L16-L20, 2015
Reactive scattering of atoms and radicals
G GualbertoáVolpi
Journal of the Chemical Society, Faraday Transactions 91 (4), 575-596, 1995
Gas-phase formation of the prebiotic molecule formamide: insights from new quantum computations
V Barone, C Latouche, D Skouteris, F Vazart, N Balucani, C Ceccarelli, ...
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society: Letters 453 (1), L31-L35, 2015
Seeds of life in space (SOLIS): the organic composition diversity at 300–1000 au scale in solar-type star-forming regions
C Ceccarelli, P Caselli, F Fontani, R Neri, A López-Sepulcre, C Codella, ...
The Astrophysical Journal 850 (2), 176, 2017
Crossed beam studies of four‐atom reactions: The dynamics of OH+ CO
M Alagia, N Balucani, P Casavecchia, D Stranges, GG Volpi
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The dynamics of the reaction OH+ D2→ HOD+ D: Crossed beam experiments and quantum mechanical scattering calculations on ab initio potential energy surfaces
M Alagia, N Balucani, P Casavecchia, D Stranger, GG Volpi, DC Clary, ...
Chemical physics 207 (2-3), 389-409, 1996
Critical review of N, N+, N+ 2, N++, and N++ 2 main production processes and reactions of relevance to Titan's atmosphere
O Dutuit, N Carrasco, R Thissen, V Vuitton, C Alcaraz, P Pernot, ...
The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series 204 (2), 20, 2013
Formation of nitriles in the interstellar medium via reactions of cyano radicals, CN (X 2Σ+), with unsaturated hydrocarbons
N Balucani, O Asvany, LCL Huang, YT Lee, RI Kaiser, Y Osamura, ...
The Astrophysical Journal 545 (2), 892, 2000
Infrared emission spectra of candidate interstellar aromatic molecules
DJ Cook, S Schlemmer, N Balucani, DR Wagner, B Steiner, RJ Saykally
Nature 380 (6571), 227-229, 1996
The genealogical tree of ethanol: gas-phase formation of glycolaldehyde, acetic acid, and formic acid
D Skouteris, N Balucani, C Ceccarelli, F Vazart, C Puzzarini, V Barone, ...
The Astrophysical Journal 854 (2), 135, 2018
Seeds of Life in Space (SOLIS)-II. Formamide in protostellar shocks: Evidence for gas-phase formation
C Codella, C Ceccarelli, P Caselli, N Balucani, V Barone, F Fontani, ...
Astronomy & Astrophysics 605, L3, 2017
Probing the dynamics of polyatomic multichannel elementary reactions by crossed molecular beam experiments with soft electron-ionization mass spectrometric detection
P Casavecchia, F Leonori, N Balucani, R Petrucci, G Capozza, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 11 (1), 46-65, 2009
Comparative dynamics of and interactions with a hydrocarbon surface
DJ Garton, TK Minton, M Alagia, N Balucani, P Casavecchia, ...
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Crossed-beam studies of reaction dynamics
P Casavecchia, N Balucani, GG Volpi
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Crossed molecular beam reactive scattering: from simple triatomic to multichannel polyatomic reactions
N Balucani, G Capozza, F Leonori, E Segoloni, P Casavecchia
International Reviews in Physical Chemistry 25 (1-2), 109-163, 2006
Dynamics of the simplest chlorine atom reaction: An experimental and theoretical study
M Alagia, N Balucani, L Cartechini, P Casavecchia, EH Van Kleef, ...
Science 273 (5281), 1519-1522, 1996
Intersystem crossing and dynamics in O (3P)+ C2H4 multichannel reaction: Experiment validates theory
B Fu, YC Han, JM Bowman, L Angelucci, N Balucani, F Leonori, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 109 (25), 9733-9738, 2012
The formation of nitriles in hydrocarbon-rich atmospheres of planets and their satellites: Laboratory investigations by the crossed molecular beam technique
RI Kaiser, N Balucani
Accounts of Chemical Research 34 (9), 699-706, 2001
Quantum Effects in the Differential Cross Sections for the Insertion Reaction N (D 2)+ H 2
N Balucani, L Cartechini, G Capozza, E Segoloni, P Casavecchia, ...
Physical review letters 89 (1), 013201, 2002
Elementary reactions and their role in gas-phase prebiotic chemistry
N Balucani
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 10 (5), 2304-2335, 2009
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