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Chemical genetics of Plasmodium falciparum
WA Guiguemde, AA Shelat, D Bouck, S Duffy, GJ Crowther, PH Davis, ...
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Inhibition of neuronal Ca2+ influx by gabapentin and pregabalin in the human neocortex
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(+)-SJ733, a clinical candidate for malaria that acts through ATP4 to induce rapid host-mediated clearance of Plasmodium
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Identification of inhibitors of Plasmodium falciparum gametocyte development
S Duffy, VM Avery
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Development and optimization of a novel 384-well anti-malarial imaging assay validated for high-throughput screening
S Duffy, VM Avery
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3, 5-Diaryl-2-aminopyridines as a novel class of orally active antimalarials demonstrating single dose cure in mice and clinical candidate potential
Y Younis, F Douelle, TS Feng, DG Cabrera, CL Manach, AT Nchinda, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry 55 (7), 3479-3487, 2012
Screening the medicines for malaria venture pathogen box across multiple pathogens reclassifies starting points for open-source drug discovery
S Duffy, ML Sykes, AJ Jones, TB Shelper, M Simpson, R Lang, ...
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Identification of MMV malaria box inhibitors of Plasmodium falciparum early-stage gametocytes using a luciferase-based high-throughput assay
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Antimalarial Activity of Pyrroloiminoquinones from the Australian Marine Sponge Zyzzya sp.
RA Davis, MS Buchanan, S Duffy, VM Avery, SA Charman, WN Charman, ...
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Discovery of HDAC inhibitors with potent activity against multiple malaria parasite life cycle stages
FK Hansen, SDM Sumanadasa, K Stenzel, S Duffy, S Meister, L Marek, ...
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(+)-7-Bromotrypargine: an antimalarial β-carboline from the Australian marine sponge Ancorina sp.
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Novel conjugated quinoline–indoles compromise Plasmodium falciparum mitochondrial function and show promising antimalarial activity
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Tomentosones A and B, Hexacyclic Phloroglucinol Derivatives from the Thai Shrub Rhodomyrtus tomentosa
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Aplidiopsamine A, an Antiplasmodial Alkaloid from the Temperate Australian Ascidian, Aplidiopsis confluata
AR Carroll, S Duffy, VM Avery
The Journal of Organic Chemistry 75 (23), 8291-8294, 2010
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