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Relaxation and prethermalization in an isolated quantum system
M Gring, M Kuhnert, T Langen, T Kitagawa, B Rauer, M Schreitl, I Mazets, ...
Science 337 (6100), 1318-1322, 2012
High-resolution scanning electron microscopy of an ultracold quantum gas
T Gericke, P Würtz, D Reitz, T Langen, H Ott
Nature Physics 4 (12), 949, 2008
Experimental observation of a generalized Gibbs ensemble
T Langen, S Erne, R Geiger, B Rauer, T Schweigler, M Kuhnert, ...
Science 348 (6231), 207-211, 2015
Local emergence of thermal correlations in an isolated quantum many-body system
T Langen, R Geiger, M Kuhnert, B Rauer, J Schmiedmayer
Nature Physics 9 (10), 640, 2013
Experimental demonstration of single-site addressability in a two-dimensional optical lattice
P Würtz, T Langen, T Gericke, A Koglbauer, H Ott
Physical review letters 103 (8), 080404, 2009
Ultracold atoms out of equilibrium
T Langen, R Geiger, J Schmiedmayer
arXiv preprint arXiv:1408.6377, 2014
Lifetime of the Bose gas with resonant interactions
BS Rem, AT Grier, I Ferrier-Barbut, U Eismann, T Langen, N Navon, ...
Physical review letters 110 (16), 163202, 2013
Prethermalization and universal dynamics in near-integrable quantum systems
T Langen, T Gasenzer, J Schmiedmayer
Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment 2016 (6), 064009, 2016
Prethermalization revealed by the relaxation dynamics of full distribution functions
DA Smith, M Gring, T Langen, M Kuhnert, B Rauer, R Geiger, T Kitagawa, ...
New Journal of Physics 15 (7), 075011, 2013
Experimental characterization of a quantum many-body system via higher-order correlations
T Schweigler, V Kasper, S Erne, I Mazets, B Rauer, F Cataldini, T Langen, ...
Nature 545 (7654), 323, 2017
Multimode dynamics and emergence of a characteristic length scale in a one-dimensional quantum system
M Kuhnert, R Geiger, T Langen, M Gring, B Rauer, T Kitagawa, E Demler, ...
Physical review letters 110 (9), 090405, 2013
Local relaxation and light-cone-like propagation of correlations in a trapped one-dimensional Bose gas
R Geiger, T Langen, IE Mazets, J Schmiedmayer
New Journal of Physics 16 (5), 053034, 2014
Striped states in a many-body system of tilted dipoles
M Wenzel, F Böttcher, T Langen, I Ferrier-Barbut, T Pfau
Physical Review A 96 (5), 053630, 2017
Prethermalization in one-dimensional Bose gases: description by a stochastic Ornstein-Uhlenbeck process
T Langen, M Gring, M Kuhnert, B Rauer, R Geiger, DA Smith, IE Mazets, ...
The European Physical Journal Special Topics 217 (1), 43-53, 2013
Cooling of a one-dimensional Bose gas
B Rauer, P Grišins, IE Mazets, T Schweigler, W Rohringer, R Geiger, ...
Physical review letters 116 (3), 030402, 2016
Transient supersolid properties in an array of dipolar quantum droplets
F Böttcher, JN Schmidt, M Wenzel, J Hertkorn, M Guo, T Langen, T Pfau
Physical Review X 9 (1), 011051, 2019
Towards experimental quantum-field tomography with ultracold atoms
A Steffens, M Friesdorf, T Langen, B Rauer, T Schweigler, R Hübener, ...
Nature communications 6, 7663, 2015
Chiral prethermalization in supersonically split condensates
K Agarwal, EG Dalla Torre, B Rauer, T Langen, J Schmiedmayer, ...
Physical review letters 113 (19), 190401, 2014
Interferometry with atoms
JF Schaff, T Langen, J Schmiedmayer
Atom Interferometry (Proc. Int. School of Physics ‘Enrico Fermi’, Course 188 …, 2014
Scissors mode of dipolar quantum droplets of dysprosium atoms
I Ferrier-Barbut, M Wenzel, F Böttcher, T Langen, M Isoard, S Stringari, ...
Physical review letters 120 (16), 160402, 2018
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