Gunter Wegener
Gunter Wegener
Senior Scientist, MPl for Marine Microbiology & MARUM, Center for Marine Environmental Sciences
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Zero-valent sulphur is a key intermediate in marine methane oxidation
J Milucka, TG Ferdelman, L Polerecky, D Franzke, G Wegener, M Schmid, ...
Nature, 2012
Intercellular wiring enables electron transfer between methanotrophic archaea and bacteria
G Wegener, V Krukenberg, D Riedel, HE Tegetmeyer, A Boetius
Nature 526 (7574), 587, 2015
Assimilation of methane and inorganic carbon by microbial communities mediating the anaerobic oxidation of methane
G Wegener, H Niemann, M Elvert, KU Hinrichs, A Boetius
Environmental microbiology 10 (9), 2287-2298, 2008
Thermophilic anaerobic oxidation of methane by marine microbial consortia
T Holler, F Widdel, K Knittel, R Amann, MY Kellermann, KU Hinrichs, ...
The ISME journal 5 (12), 1946, 2011
Carbon isotope equilibration during sulphate-limited anaerobic oxidation of methane
MY Yoshinaga, T Holler, T Goldhammer, G Wegener, JW Pohlman, ...
Nature Geoscience 7 (3), 190, 2014
Carbon and sulfur back flux during anaerobic microbial oxidation of methane and coupled sulfate reduction
T Holler, G Wegener, H Niemann, C Deusner, TG Ferdelman, A Boetius, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108 (52), E1484-E1490, 2011
Autotrophy as a predominant mode of carbon fixation in anaerobic methane-oxidizing microbial communities
MY Kellermann, G Wegener, M Elvert, MY Yoshinaga, YS Lin, T Holler, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2012
Thermophilic archaea activate butane via alkyl-coenzyme M formation
R Laso-Pérez, G Wegener, K Knittel, F Widdel, KJ Harding, V Krukenberg, ...
Nature 539 (7629), 396, 2016
Turnover of microbial lipids in the deep biosphere and growth of benthic archaeal populations
S Xie, JS Lipp, G Wegener, TG Ferdelman, KU Hinrichs
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2013
Substantial 13C/12C and D/H fractionation during anaerobic oxidation of methane by marine consortia enriched in vitro
T Holler, G Wegener, K Knittel, A Boetius, B Brunner, MMM Kuypers, ...
Environmental microbiology reports 1 (5), 370-376, 2009
Biogeochemical processes and microbial diversity of the Gullfaks and Tommeliten methane seeps (Northern North Sea) G Wegener, M Shovitri, K Knittel, H Niemann, M Hovland, A …
G Wegener, M Shovitri, K Knittel, H Niemann, M Hovland, A Boetius
Biogeosciences 5, 1127-1144, 2008
Metabolic capabilities of microorganisms involved in and associated with the anaerobic oxidation of methane
G Wegener, V Krukenberg, SE Ruff, MY Kellermann, K Knittel
Frontiers in microbiology 7, 46, 2016
Assessing sub‐seafloor microbial activity by combined stable isotope probing with deuterated water and 13C‐bicarbonate
G Wegener, M Bausch, T Holler, NM Thang, X Prieto Mollar, ...
Environmental microbiology 14 (6), 1517-1527, 2012
Microbial communities of deep-sea methane seeps at Hikurangi continental margin (New Zealand)
SE Ruff, J Arnds, K Knittel, R Amann, G Wegener, A Ramette, A Boetius
PLoS One 8 (9), e72627, 2013
Candidatus Desulfofervidus auxilii, a hydrogenotrophic sulfate‐reducing bacterium involved in the thermophilic anaerobic oxidation of methane
V Krukenberg, K Harding, M Richter, FO Glöckner, HR Gruber‐Vodicka, ...
Environmental microbiology 18 (9), 3073-3091, 2016
An experimental study on short-term changes in the anaerobic oxidation of methane in response to varying methane and sulfate fluxes
G Wegener, A Boetius
Biogeosciences (BG) 6, 867-876, 2009
The Impact of Sediment and Carbon Fluxes on the Biogeochemistry of Methane and Sulfur in Littoral Baltic Sea Sediments (Himmerfjärden, Sweden)
NM Thang, V Brüchert, M Formolo, G Wegener, L Ginters, BB Jørgensen, ...
Estuaries and Coasts, 1-18, 2012
Tracing the production and fate of individual archaeal intact polar lipids using stable isotope probing
MY Kellermann, MY Yoshinaga, G Wegener, V Krukenberg, KU Hinrichs
Organic geochemistry 95, 13-20, 2016
Pathways and regulation of carbon, sulfur and energy transfer in marine sediments overlying methane gas hydrates on the Opouawe Bank (New Zealand)
AW Dale, S Sommer, M Haeckel, K Wallmann, P Linke, G Wegener, ...
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 74 (20), 5763-5784, 2010
Imprint of past and present environmental conditions on microbiology and biogeochemistry of coastal Quaternary sediments
B Beck, M, Riedel, T. , Graue, J., Köster, J. K., Kowalski, N., Wu, C. S ...
Biogeosciences 8, 55– 68, 2011
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