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Miho Hirai
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Hadal biosphere: insight into the microbial ecosystem in the deepest ocean on Earth
T Nunoura, Y Takaki, M Hirai, S Shimamura, A Makabe, O Koide, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (11), E1230-E1236, 2015
Microbial diversity in deep-sea methane seep sediments presented by SSU rRNA gene tag sequencing
T Nunoura, Y Takaki, H Kazama, M Hirai, J Ashi, H Imachi, K Takai
Microbes and Environments, 1204130377-1204130377, 2009
Isolation and characterization of a thermophilic, obligately anaerobic and heterotrophic marine Chloroflexi bacterium from a Chloroflexi-dominated microbial community …
T Nunoura, M Hirai, M Miyazaki, H Kazama, H Makita, H Hirayama, ...
Microbes and environments 28 (2), 228-235, 2013
Molecular biological and isotopic biogeochemical prognoses of the nitrification‐driven dynamic microbial nitrogen cycle in hadopelagic sediments
T Nunoura, M Nishizawa, T Kikuchi, T Tsubouchi, M Hirai, O Koide, ...
Environmental microbiology 15 (11), 3087-3107, 2013
Disturbance of deep-sea environments induced by the M9. 0 Tohoku Earthquake
S Kawagucci, YT Yoshida, T Noguchi, MC Honda, H Uchida, H Ishibashi, ...
Scientific Reports 2 (1), 1-7, 2012
The first microbiological contamination assessment by deep-sea drilling and coring by the D/V Chikyu at the Iheya North hydrothermal field in the Mid-Okinawa Trough (IODP …
K Yanagawa, T Nunoura, S McAllister, M Hirai, A Breuker, L Brandt, ...
Frontiers in microbiology 4, 327, 2013
Kosmotoga arenicorallina sp. nov. a thermophilic and obligately anaerobic heterotroph isolated from a shallow hydrothermal system occurring within a coral reef, southern part …
T Nunoura, M Hirai, H Imachi, M Miyazaki, H Makita, H Hirayama, ...
Archives of microbiology 192 (10), 811-819, 2010
Microbial diversity in sediments from the bottom of the Challenger Deep, the Mariana Trench
T Nunoura, M Nishizawa, M Hirai, S Shimamura, P Harnvoravongchai, ...
Microbes and environments, ME17194, 2018
Microbial community and geochemical analyses of trans-trench sediments for understanding the roles of hadal environments
S Hiraoka, M Hirai, Y Matsui, A Makabe, H Minegishi, M Tsuda, E Rastelli, ...
The ISME journal 14 (3), 740-756, 2020
Distribution and niche separation of planktonic microbial communities in the water columns from the surface to the hadal waters of the Japan Trench under the Eutrophic Ocean
T Nunoura, M Hirai, Y Yoshida-Takashima, M Nishizawa, S Kawagucci, ...
Frontiers in microbiology 7, 1261, 2016
Deepest and hottest hydrothermal activity in the Okinawa Trough: the Yokosuka site at Yaeyama Knoll
J Miyazaki, S Kawagucci, A Makabe, A Takahashi, K Kitada, J Torimoto, ...
Royal Society open science 4 (12), 171570, 2017
Long-term cultivation and metagenomics reveal ecophysiology of previously uncultivated thermophiles involved in biogeochemical nitrogen cycle
S Kato, S Sakai, M Hirai, E Tasumi, M Nishizawa, K Suzuki, K Takai
Microbes and environments, ME17165, 2018
Variance and potential niche separation of microbial communities in subseafloor sediments off S himokita P eninsula, J apan
T Nunoura, Y Takaki, S Shimamura, J Kakuta, H Kazama, M Hirai, ...
Environmental microbiology 18 (6), 1889-1906, 2016
Microbial community stratification controlled by the subseafloor fluid flow and geothermal gradient at the Iheya North hydrothermal field in the Mid-Okinawa Trough (Integrated …
K Yanagawa, A Breuker, A Schippers, M Nishizawa, A Ijiri, M Hirai, ...
Applied and environmental microbiology 80 (19), 6126-6135, 2014
Quantitative viral community DNA analysis reveals the dominance of single-stranded DNA viruses in offshore upper bathyal sediment from Tohoku, Japan
M Yoshida, T Mochizuki, SI Urayama, Y Yoshida-Takashima, S Nishi, ...
Frontiers in microbiology 9, 75, 2018
Genome‐enabled metabolic reconstruction of dominant chemosynthetic colonizers in deep‐sea massive sulfide deposits
S Kato, T Shibuya, Y Takaki, M Hirai, T Nunoura, K Suzuki
Environmental microbiology 20 (2), 862-877, 2018
Library construction from subnanogram DNA for pelagic sea water and deep-sea sediments
M Hirai, S Nishi, M Tsuda, M Sunamura, Y Takaki, T Nunoura
Microbes and environments, ME17132, 2017
Physiological and genomic features of a novel sulfur-oxidizing gammaproteobacterium belonging to a previously uncultivated symbiotic lineage isolated from a hydrothermal vent
T Nunoura, Y Takaki, H Kazama, J Kakuta, S Shimamura, H Makita, ...
PLoS One 9 (8), e104959, 2014
Domain‐level identification and quantification of relative prokaryotic cell abundance in microbial communities by Micro‐FTIR spectroscopy
M Igisu, K Takai, Y Ueno, M Nishizawa, T Nunoura, M Hirai, M Kaneko, ...
Environmental Microbiology Reports 4 (1), 42-49, 2012
Microbiota in the coelomic fluid of two common coastal starfish species and characterization of an abundant Helicobacter-related taxon
S Nakagawa, H Saito, A Tame, M Hirai, H Yamaguchi, T Sunata, M Aida, ...
Scientific reports 7 (1), 1-10, 2017
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