Cao Guan (官操)
Cao Guan (官操)
Northwestern Polytechnical University, Institute of Flexible Electronics
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Rational Design of Metal‐Organic Framework Derived Hollow NiCo2O4 Arrays for Flexible Supercapacitor and Electrocatalysis
C Guan, X Liu, W Ren, X Li, C Cheng, J Wang
Advanced Energy Materials 7 (12), 1602391, 2017
A new type of porous graphite foams and their integrated composites with oxide/polymer core/shell nanowires for supercapacitors: structural design, fabrication, and full …
X Xia, D Chao, Z Fan, C Guan, X Cao, H Zhang, HJ Fan
Nano letters 14 (3), 1651-1658, 2014
Hybrid structure of cobalt monoxide nanowire@ nickel hydroxidenitrate nanoflake aligned on nickel foam for high-rate supercapacitor
C. Guan, J. P. Liu, C. W. Cheng, H. X. Li, X. L
Energy & Environmental Science 4 (11), 4496-4499, 2011
Iron oxide-decorated carbon for supercapacitor anodes with ultrahigh energy density and outstanding cycling stability
C Guan, J Liu, Y Wang, L Mao, Z Fan, Z Shen, H Zhang, J Wang
ACS nano 9 (5), 5198-5207, 2015
Synthesis of Free‐Standing Metal Sulfide Nanoarrays via Anion Exchange Reaction and Their Electrochemical Energy Storage Application
X Xia, C Zhu, J Luo, Z Zeng, C Guan, CF Ng, H Zhang, HJ Fan
small 10 (4), 766-773, 2014
Hollow Mo-doped CoP nanoarrays for efficient overall water splitting
C Guan, W Xiao, H Wu, X Liu, W Zang, H Zhang, J Ding, YP Feng, ...
Nano Energy 48, 73-80, 2018
Solution synthesis of metal oxides for electrochemical energy storage applications
X Xia, Y Zhang, D Chao, C Guan, Y Zhang, L Li, X Ge, IM Bacho, J Tu, ...
Nanoscale 6 (10), 5008-5048, 2014
Ultrathin MoS2 Nanosheets@Metal Organic Framework‐Derived N‐Doped Carbon Nanowall Arrays as Sodium Ion Battery Anode with Superior Cycling Life and …
W Ren, H Zhang, C Guan, C Cheng
Advanced Functional Materials 27 (32), 1702116, 2017
A Flexible Quasi‐Solid‐State Nickel–Zinc Battery with High Energy and Power Densities Based on 3D Electrode Design
J Liu, C Guan, C Zhou, Z Fan, Q Ke, G Zhang, C Liu, J Wang
Advanced Materials 28 (39), 8732-8739, 2016
Hollow Co3O4 Nanosphere Embedded in Carbon Arrays for Stable and Flexible Solid‐State Zinc–Air Batteries
C Guan, A Sumboja, H Wu, W Ren, X Liu, H Zhang, Z Liu, C Cheng, ...
Advanced Materials 29 (44), 1704117, 2017
Rationally designed hierarchical TiO2@ Fe2O3 hollow nanostructures for improved lithium ion storage
J Luo, X Xia, Y Luo, C Guan, J Liu, X Qi, CF Ng, T Yu, H Zhang, HJ Fan
Advanced Energy Materials 3 (6), 737-743, 2013
Highly stable and reversible lithium storage in SnO2 nanowires surface coated with a uniform hollow shell by atomic layer deposition
C Guan, X Wang, Q Zhang, Z Fan, H Zhang, HJ Fan
Nano letters 14 (8), 4852-4858, 2014
A general strategy toward graphene@ metal oxide core–shell nanostructures for high-performance lithium storage
W Zhou, J Zhu, C Cheng, J Liu, H Yang, C Cong, C Guan, X Jia, HJ Fan, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 4 (12), 4954-4961, 2011
Nanoporous walls on macroporous foam: rational design of electrodes to push areal pseudocapacitance
C Guan, X Li, Z Wang, X Cao, C Soci, H Zhang, HJ Fan
Advanced materials 24 (30), 4186-4190, 2012
A High Energy and Power Li‐Ion Capacitor Based on a TiO2 Nanobelt Array Anode and a Graphene Hydrogel Cathode
H Wang, C Guan, X Wang, HJ Fan
Small 11 (12), 1470-1477, 2015
Cactus‐Like NiCoP/NiCo‐OH 3D Architecture with Tunable Composition for High‐Performance Electrochemical Capacitors
X Li, H Wu, AM Elshahawy, L Wang, SJ Pennycook, C Guan, J Wang
Advanced Functional Materials 28 (20), 1800036, 2018
Porous hydroxide nanosheets on preformed nanowires by electrodeposition: branched nanoarrays for electrochemical energy storage
X Xia, J Tu, Y Zhang, J Chen, X Wang, C Gu, C Guan, J Luo, HJ Fan
Chemistry of Materials 24 (19), 3793-3799, 2012
High‐Performance Flexible Solid‐State Ni/Fe Battery Consisting of Metal Oxides Coated Carbon Cloth/Carbon Nanofiber Electrodes
C Guan, W Zhao, Y Hu, Q Ke, X Li, H Zhang, J Wang
Advanced Energy Materials 6 (20), 1601034, 2016
Single Co Atoms Anchored in Porous N-Doped Carbon for Efficient Zinc− Air Battery Cathodes
W Zang, A Sumboja, Y Ma, H Zhang, Y Wu, S Wu, H Wu, Z Liu, C Guan, ...
ACS Catalysis 8 (10), 8961-8969, 2018
Uncovering loss mechanisms in silver nanoparticle-blended plasmonic organic solar cells
B Wu, X Wu, C Guan, KF Tai, EKL Yeow, HJ Fan, N Mathews, TC Sum
Nature communications 4 (1), 1-7, 2013
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