Volker Wennrich
Volker Wennrich
PostDoc, University of Cologne/Germany
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2.8 million years of Arctic climate change from Lake El’gygytgyn, NE Russia
M Melles, J Brigham-Grette, PS Minyuk, NR Nowaczyk, V Wennrich, ...
Science, 1222135, 2012
Pliocene warmth, polar amplification, and stepped Pleistocene cooling recorded in NE Arctic Russia
J Brigham-Grette, M Melles, P Minyuk, A Andreev, P Tarasov, R DeConto, ...
Science 340 (6139), 1421-1427, 2013
Climatic change recorded in the sediments of the Chew Bahir basin, southern Ethiopia, during the last 45,000 years
V Foerster, A Junginger, O Langkamp, T Gebru, A Asrat, M Umer, ...
Quaternary International 274, 25-37, 2012
The Lake El’gygytgyn Scientific Drilling Project–Conquering Arctic Challenges through Continental Drilling
M Melles, J Brigham-Grette, P Minyuk, C Koeberl, A Andreev, T Cook, ...
Scientific Drilling 11, 29-40, 2011
Vegetation and environmental responses to climate forcing during the Last Glacial Maximum and deglaciation in the East Carpathians: attenuated response to maximum cooling and …
EK Magyari, D Veres, V Wennrich, B Wagner, M Braun, G Jakab, ...
Quaternary Science Reviews 106, 278-298, 2014
A pollen-based biome reconstruction over the last 3.562 million years in the Far East Russian Arctic–new insights into climate–vegetation relationships at the regional scale
PE Tarasov, AA Andreev, PM Anderson, AV Lozhkin, C Leipe, E Haltia, ...
Climate of the Past 9 (6), 2759-2775, 2013
Distribution of Cyprideis torosa (Ostracoda) in Quaternary Athalassic Sediments in Germany and its Application for Palaeoecological Reconstructions
A Pint, P Frenzel, R Fuhrmann, B Scharf, V Wennrich
International Review of Hydrobiology 97 (4), 330-355, 2012
Chronology of Lake El'gygytgyn sediments-a combined magnetostratigraphic, palaeoclimatic and orbital tuning study based on multi-parameter analyses
NR Nowaczyk, EM Haltia, D Ulbricht, V Wennrich, MA Sauerbrey, ...
The Lefkada barrier and beachrock system (NW Greece)—Controls on coastal evolution and the significance of extreme wave events
SM May, A Vött, H Brückner, R Grapmayer, M Handl, V Wennrich
Geomorphology 139, 330-347, 2012
Coastal stratigraphies of eastern Bonaire (Netherlands Antilles): new insights into the palaeo-tsunami history of the southern Caribbean
M Engel, H Brückner, V Wennrich, A Scheffers, D Kelletat, A Vött, ...
Sedimentary Geology 231 (1-2), 14-30, 2010
Detailed insight into Arctic climatic variability during MIS 11c at Lake El'gygytgyn, NE Russia
H Vogel, C Meyer-Jacob, M Melles, J Brigham-Grette, A Andreev, ...
Climate of the Past 9 (4), 1467-1479, 2013
Lithostratigraphic and geochronological framework for the paleoenvironmental reconstruction of the last∼ 36 ka cal BP from a sediment record from Lake Iznik (NW Turkey)
PA Roeser, SO Franz, T Litt, UB Ülgen, A Hilgers, S Wulf, V Wennrich, ...
Quaternary international 274, 73-87, 2012
Foraminifers from Holocene sediments of two inland brackish lakes in central Germany
V Wennrich, S Meng, G Schmiedl
The Journal of Foraminiferal Research 37 (4), 318-326, 2007
Inorganic geochemistry data from Lake El'gygytgyn sediments: marine isotope stages 6–11
PS Minyuk, VY Borkhodoev, V Wennrich
Climate of the Past 10 (2), 467-485, 2014
Late Pliocene and Early Pleistocene vegetation history of northeastern Russian Arctic inferred from the Lake El'gygytgyn pollen record
AA Andreev, PE Tarasov, V Wennrich, E Raschke, U Herzschuh, ...
Climate of the Past 10 (3), 1017-1039, 2014
Mass movement deposits in the 3.6 Ma sediment record of Lake El'gygytgyn, Far East Russian Arctic
MA Sauerbrey, O Juschus, AC Gebhardt, V Wennrich, NR Nowaczyk, ...
Climate of the Past 9 (4), 1949-1967, 2013
Holocene environmental changes in the highlands of the southern Peruvian Andes (14 S) and their impact on pre-Columbian cultures
K Schittek, M Forbriger, B Mächtle, F Schäbitz, V Wennrich, M Reindel, ...
Climate of the Past 11 (1), 27-44, 2015
Multivariate statistic and time series analyses of grain-size data in quaternary sediments of Lake El'gygytgyn, NE Russia
A Francke, V Wennrich, MA Sauerbrey, O Juschus, M Melles, ...
Modern sedimentation patterns in Lake El'gygytgyn, NE Russia, derived from surface sediment and inlet streams samples
V Wennrich, A Francke, A Dehnert, O Juschus, T Leipe, C Vogt, ...
Traces of historical tropical cyclones and tsunamis in the Ashburton Delta (north‐west Australia)
SM May, D Brill, M Engel, A Scheffers, A Pint, S Opitz, V Wennrich, ...
Sedimentology 62 (6), 1546-1572, 2015
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