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Fronts propagating with curvature-dependent speed: algorithms based on Hamilton-Jacobi formulations
S Osher, JA Sethian
Journal of computational physics 79 (1), 12-49, 1988
Nonlinear total variation based noise removal algorithms
LI Rudin, S Osher, E Fatemi
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Level set methods and fast marching methods: evolving interfaces in computational geometry, fluid mechanics, computer vision, and materials science
JA Sethian
Cambridge university press, 1999
Level set methods and dynamic implicit surfaces
S Osher, R Fedkiw
Springer Science & Business Media, 2006
A level set approach for computing solutions to incompressible two-phase flow
M Sussman, P Smereka, S Osher
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Efficient implementation of essentially non-oscillatory shock-capturing schemes
CW Shu, S Osher
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The split Bregman method for L1-regularized problems
T Goldstein, S Osher
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Uniformly high order accurate essentially non-oscillatory schemes, III
A Harten, B Engquist, S Osher, SR Chakravarthy
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Weighted essentially non-oscillatory schemes
XD Liu, S Osher, T Chan
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Efficient implementation of essentially non-oscillatory shock-capturing schemes, II
CW Shu, S Osher
Upwind and High-Resolution Schemes, 328-374, 1989
A non-oscillatory Eulerian approach to interfaces in multimaterial flows (the ghost fluid method)
RP Fedkiw, T Aslam, B Merriman, S Osher
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Level set methods: an overview and some recent results
S Osher, RP Fedkiw
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An iterative regularization method for total variation-based image restoration
S Osher, M Burger, D Goldfarb, J Xu, W Yin
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A PDE-based fast local level set method
D Peng, B Merriman, S Osher, H Zhao, M Kang
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Bregman iterative algorithms for \ell_1-minimization with applications to compressed sensing
W Yin, S Osher, D Goldfarb, J Darbon
SIAM Journal on Imaging sciences 1 (1), 143-168, 2008
A variational level set approach to multiphase motion
HK Zhao, T Chan, B Merriman, S Osher
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Simultaneous structure and texture image inpainting
M Bertalmio, L Vese, G Sapiro, S Osher
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Uniformly high-order accurate nonoscillatory schemes. I
A Harten, S Osher
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Nonlocal operators with applications to image processing
G Gilboa, S Osher
Multiscale Modeling & Simulation 7 (3), 1005-1028, 2008
Feature-oriented image enhancement using shock filters
S Osher, LI Rudin
SIAM Journal on numerical analysis 27 (4), 919-940, 1990
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