Björn Canbäck
Björn Canbäck
Senior lecturer, Department of Biology, Lund University
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ARAGORN, a program to detect tRNA genes and tmRNA genes in nucleotide sequences
D Laslett, B Canback
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Down‐regulation of the strawberry Bet v 1‐homologous allergen in concert with the flavonoid biosynthesis pathway in colorless strawberry mutant
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Recruitment of members from the rare biosphere of marine bacterioplankton communities after an environmental disturbance
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Major histocompatibility complex class II compatibility, but not class I, predicts mate choice in a bird with highly developed olfaction
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Large-scale candidate gene scan reveals the role of chemoreceptor genes in host plant specialization and speciation in the pea aphid
CM Smadja, B Canbäck, R Vitalis, M Gautier, J Ferrari, JJ Zhou, RK Butlin
Evolution 66 (9), 2723-2738, 2012
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